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Bash, Zsh and fish completion support for git-flow.

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Bash completion support for Git Flow

The contained completion routines provide support for completing:

  • git-flow init and version
  • feature, hotfix and release branches
  • remote feature branch names (for git-flow feature track)


To achieve git-flow completion nirvana:

  1. Install git-completion.

  2. Install this file. Either:

    a. Place it in a bash-completion.d folder:

    • /etc/bash-completion.d
    • /usr/local/etc/bash-completion.d
    • ~/bash-completion.d

    b. Or, copy it somewhere (e.g. ~/ and put the following line in your .bashrc:

       source ~/
  1. Edit and add the following line to the giant $command case in _git:

    flow)        _git_flow ;;

Requirement 3 will go away as soon as I figure out how to properly (and predictably) hijack the complete -F ownership for git without breaking regular git-completion...

The Fine Print

Copyright (c) 2010 Justin Hileman

Distributed under the MIT License

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