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A Mustache implementation in PHP.
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A Mustache implementation in PHP.

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A quick example:

$m = new Mustache_Engine;
echo $m->render('Hello {{planet}}', array('planet' => 'World!')); // "Hello World!"

And a more in-depth example -- this is the canonical Mustache template:

Hello {{name}}
You have just won {{value}} dollars!
Well, {{taxed_value}} dollars, after taxes.

Create a view "context" object -- which could also be an associative array, but those don't do functions quite as well:

class Chris {
    public $name  = "Chris";
    public $value = 10000;

    public function taxed_value() {
        return $this->value - ($this->value * 0.4);

    public $in_ca = true;

And render it:

$m = new Mustache_Engine;
$chris = new Chris;
echo $m->render($template, $chris);

And That's Not All!

Read the Mustache.php documentation for more information.

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