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Allow to extend mustache #109

jcubic opened this Issue · 0 comments

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Maybe it's good idea to allow extension of mustache wihout modifing library or Mustache class so user can put {{@foo}} or {{%foo}} and those will execute user defined function

$mustache = Mustache_Engine(array(
    'modifiers' => array(
       '%' => function($tag) {
            return file_get_contents($tag);


$mustache = Mustache_Engine(array(
    'tags_extension' => function($modifier, $tag_name, $leading, $trailing) {
        switch($modifier) {
            case '%':  return file_get_contents($tag_name);

and user will be able to put

      <h1>My robots.txt</h1>

and those modifiers will be check in _renderTag method after all of tags or before so they can be overwriten.

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