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Make escape function configurable #86

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Mustache isn't in any way affiliated with HTML. So I create this feature request to make the use of "htmlentities" configurable by allowing to pass a custom function to either the constructor or the render function.

I'm using mustache in a non-HTML context, that's why I need a custom function to escape characters which are special in this context.

Quote from mustache(1): "Mustache is a logic-less templating system for HTML, config files, anything."


That's a good idea. Per the spec, mustache escapes as HTML, but there's no reason not to make that configurable.

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Commit has since been removed from the repository and is no longer available.
@bobthecow bobthecow referenced this issue from a commit
@bobthecow Add custom variable escapers.
cf. #86

 * Add `escape` Mustache constructor option. Expects something callable.
 * Update Compiler to either inline `htmlspecialchars` (old way) or a call to the custom escaper callback.
 * Update Compiler to statically compile charset.
 * Update template classname to account for charset and custom compilers.

This has been merged into both the dev and support/1.x branches. It will go into the next release of both.

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Nice, thank you.


No problem.

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Proposal: HTML vs. text templates #66

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