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Added functionality to generate hash of values from template #81

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Hey - I had a need to do a reverse Mustache - take a template, and generate the hash of expected values. Useful for when a developer needs to quickly and easily know what values a template takes. I added this feature, but this is my first attempt at a pull request, so I'm not sure i'm doing this right - I originally did it in the master branch of my fork, but then realized I should maybe do it in the branch feature/makeHash. Not sure if pull requests are per branch or per repo, so I'm not entirely sure what you'll receive here.

Also, I wasn't sure what kind of unit tests would be appropriate, so that's missing. The example is a viewable example, which is different from what your examples look like - so feel free to take or leave that.

Hope this feature is helpful to others!


Sorry to make a moving target for you, but you should check out the 2.0-dev version in the dev branch. The bad news is everything changed. The good news is, it means you can actually use a full parser (rather than regex matching) to generate your hash of values. In your case, you'd do something like...

$m = new Mustache;
$tree = $m->parse('{{#foo}}{{bar}}{{/foo}}');

The value in $tree is a parse tree of the template, which you can then walk and extract values:


use Mustache\Mustache;
use Mustache\Tokenizer;

class MustacheHasher {
    public function __construct() {
        $this->mustache = new Mustache;

    public function makeHash($template) {
        $tree = $this->mustache->parse($template);

        return $this->walk($tree);

    private function walk(array $tree) {
        $hash = array();
        foreach ($tree as $node) {
            // extract values
            if (is_array($node)) {
                switch ($node[Tokenizer::TYPE]) {
                    // values
                    case Tokenizer::T_ESCAPED:
                    case Tokenizer::T_UNESCAPED:
                    case Tokenizer::T_UNESCAPED_2:
                        $hash[$node[Tokenizer::NAME]] = '';

                    // sections
                    case Tokenizer::T_SECTION:
                    case Tokenizer::T_INVERTED:
                        $hash[$node[Tokenizer::NAME]] = $this->walk($node[Tokenizer::NODES]);

        return $hash;

Closing as this can no longer be merged (and should be way easier in Mustache v2.0).

@bobthecow bobthecow closed this Oct 27, 2012
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