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If you are user of Windows you need to know how integrate PsySH without troubles and other headeaches.

PsySH can be used in some terminal emulators, shells, Unix-like environments, this is a list of all knowed:


Cygwin works correctly with PsySH if you use the correct PHP binary(doesn't work with the PHP binary for Windows), please install this binary from cygwin package's.

You can use the setup installer to search and install the PHP or use apt-cyg the Cygwin package manager.

PsySH in Cygwin

Remember install other packages dependencies necessaries to work:

$ apt-cyg install php_mbstring php_json php_tokenizer php_posix


Cmder is different to Cygwin because works with the PHP binary to Windows without problems.

PsySH in Cmder


This project is based on Cygwin and the steps to run PsySH are the same but you need to use the package manager pact to install the PHP binary and other dependencies:

$ pact install php php_mbstring php_json php_tokenizer php_posix

PsySH in Babun

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