OS X app to automatically set your desktop wallpaper to the satellite view overhead you.
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Satellite Eyes

Satellite Eyes is a small OS X application that sits in your system tray (next to the clock) and automatically updates your desktop wallpaper to the satellite or map view overhead.

It's available for download at http://satelliteeyes.tomtaylor.co.uk.


Satellite Eyes (SE) is an Xcode 4.4 compatible project, targeting 10.7 upwards. It seems to work best on 10.8, as 10.7 has a few bugs in Location Services that I haven't got round to looking at properly.

It's not very well documented, sorry, but it's not a big codebase, so I'm sure you'll work it out.

To build for Debug:

  1. Create a new Code Signing cert named "Mac Developer".

  2. Set up the LaunchAtLoginHelper:

    cd LaunchAtLoginHelper
    python setup.py satelliteeyes uk.co.tomtaylor.SatelliteEyes
  3. Build!


Many thanks to the following folks for their contributions to Satellite Eyes:


If you want to contribute a feature or a bug fix to SE, that'd be great. I'll do my best to review them and include them where possible. Contributions would be especially appreciated for:

  • Ability to display imagery from interesting places around the world.
  • Controls for configuring each Space independently (the official APIs to do this are deprecated in 10.8).
  • Improving the visual appearance of the preferences pane
  • More map styles

If you are planning to land a major feature, please raise an issue to discuss it first.