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CC002-Menger Sponge Fractal
CC003-The Snake Game
CC004-Purple Rain
CC005-Space Invaders
CC010-Maze Generation & CC051-A* Pathfinding Algorithm
CC035-Traveling Salesperson
CC085-The Game of Life

Coding Challenges

This repository is a collection of the all the Coding Train Coding Callenges I have replicated. These challenges are a way to keep programming. And because I love the Swift programming language, I decided to use Xcode, SpriteKit & SceneKit to implement my version.

I would like to thank Dan Shiffman for all the great video's, books and websites he has created. His enthousiastic video's are the reason I started this repository.

My goal is to catch up with the challenges. To have a broad overview of my progress, check this file

The original videos for these challenges are on YouTube

For more info, check the The Coding Train website.

Get in touch with me

If you want to get in touch with me, please contact me via my website.


  • MacOS 10.3 or greater


Everyone is encouraged to make their own version of the challenges, check the The Coding Train website for more info.

If you find a bug or improvement on my versions of the challenges, please file a pull request.


The Coding Challenges are made available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.