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Gentoo Overlay containing various packages I have been unable to find @ Gentoo Portage Overlays website or elsewhere. Testing and updating of these ebuild package build scripts is irregular. So YMMV - you have been warned!

Main Overlay packages

app-arch/cabextract : Tool to extract files from Microsoft cabinet archive files.
app-arch/unshield : Tool and library to extract CAB files from InstallShield installers.
app-benchmarks/phoronix-test-suite : Phoronix's comprehensive, cross-platform testing and benchmark suite.
app-forensics/pev : PE file analysis toolkit - for examining Windows PE binary files.
dev-cpp/pion : C++ framework for building lightweight HTTP interfaces.
games-fps/dhewm3 : Doom 3 GPL source modification (with updates including SDL2 support).
kde-misc/kmozillahelper : helper application that allows Mozilla Firefox to use Plasma file dialogs, file associations, protocol handlers and other desktop integration features.
mail-client/thunderbird : Thunderbird mail client, with optional OpenSUSE Patchset for better Plasma Desktop integration.
media-sound/neroaac : Nero AAC reference quality MPEG-4 and 3GPP audio codec.
media-video/ffx264 : Script to encode video files to H.264/AVC video using the FFmpeg encoder.
media-video/h264enc : h264enc is an advanced and powerful interactive menu-driven shell script written for the GNU/Linux operating system to encode video files
net-dialup/dterm : dterm is a simple terminal emulator for serial connections.
net-dns/ndjbdns : Fork of djbdns, a collection of DNS client/server software.
sys-apps/hw-probe : A tool to probe system hardware, check operability and upload results.
sys-fs/exfat-nofuse : Non-fuse kernel driver for exFat and VFat file systems.
sys-fs/exfat-utils-nofuse : exFAT filesystem utilities (without fuse).
www-client/firefox : Firefox web browser, with optional OpenSUSE Patchset, for better Plasma Desktop integration.
x11-apps/starfield : Reminiscence to the screensaver that shipped, with Windows, until Windows XP.

Customised Wine package set

These Wine packages are more than a cosmetic fork of the main Gentoo Portage and other Overlay Wine packages. So don't "mix and match" these!

See: Wiki: Wine Packages for more information.

Note: the ::bobwya Overlay Wine packages do not support the Gallium 9 / D3D9 patchset. This is purely down to testing systems only using the Nvidia Proprietary graphics driver.

Credit to the Arch AUR firefox-kde-opensuse PKGBUILD script used as the main basis for the Gentoo www-client/firefox package (with optional OpenSUSE KDE patchset support).


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