Search spotify playlist, powered by InstantSearch.js / Algolia
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Search spotify playlist, powered by InstantSearch.js / Algolia. The project contains two parts:

  • the scrapper fetch and index spotify playlists for a selection of known curators
  • the webapp displays a search UI for the playlist indices

The web app is made using InstantSearch.js, the UI library for creating instant search experiences made by Algolia.

Running the scrapper

Before running this part of the project, you need a spotify account and an algolia account. You also need node.js and yarn.

Then you need to define the following environment variables:

  • ALGOLIA_APPLICATION_ID: the application id of your algolia account
  • ALGOLIA_ADMIN_KEY: the admin key associated
  • SPOTIFY_ID: your spotify client id
  • SPOTIFY_SECRET: the associated secret to get access to the API

Once that this is setup, follow those steps:

  • cd scrapper
  • yarn
  • node index.js
  • node upload.js

Running the UI

Follow those steps:

The example uses the default index, you can use your own by updating web/js/app.js.