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Search spotify playlist, powered by InstantSearch.js / Algolia. The project contains two parts:

  • the scrapper fetch and index spotify playlists for a selection of known curators
  • the webapp displays a search UI for the playlist indices

The web app is made using:

Running the scrapper

Before running this part of the project, you need a spotify account and an algolia account. You also need node.js and yarn.

Then you need to define the following environment variables:

  • ALGOLIA_APPLICATION_ID: the application id of your algolia account
  • ALGOLIA_ADMIN_KEY: the admin key associated
  • SPOTIFY_ID: your spotify client id
  • SPOTIFY_SECRET: the associated secret to get access to the API

Once that this is setup, follow those steps:

  • cd scrapper
  • npm install
  • node index.js
  • node upload.js

Running the UI

Follow those steps:

  • cd web2
  • npm
  • npm start
  • open http://localhost:9000