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Commits on Jan 30, 2012
  1. @int3

    Really prevent find mode from matching its own searches.

    int3 authored
    We do this by hiding the HUD before each search -- this should be 100%
    Zero-width spaces did not do the job at all, while spaces of font size 0
    were not always invisible (see e1e178b).
  2. @int3

    Fix bug in 'no matches' message. Refactor and simplify.

    int3 authored
    The message was not showing up the first time the user pressed 'n'.
  3. @int3

    Make check for document.body more robust.

    int3 authored
    document.body.nodeName is not always 'body' -- it might be 'frameset',
    for instance.
Commits on Jan 27, 2012
  1. @int3

    Merge pull request #469 from eproxus/patch-2

    int3 authored
    Add name and email for eproxus to CREDITS
  2. @eproxus

    Add name and email for eproxus

    eproxus authored
  3. @int3

    Fix minor bug with scrolling.

    int3 authored
  4. @philc
  5. @philc
  6. @philc

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/eproxus/linkhint-restyling'

    philc authored
Commits on Jan 26, 2012
  1. @int3

    Simulate the full sequence of mouse click events.

    int3 authored
    Some sites expect it, e.g. GMail.
  2. @int3

    Next / prev links should be visible.

    int3 authored
    Also, links later in the document are more likely to be the ones we want
    as they are further down the page, so favor the former.
  3. @int3
  4. @int3

    Color find matches orange.

    int3 authored
    The brighter color makes them more visible. The orange is chosen to
    match Chrome's default color.
  5. @int3

    Add some feedback messages for find service.

    int3 authored
    Also, do not assume that findModeRawQuery has a value.
  6. @int3

    Style link hints with nowrap.

    int3 authored
    This was previously done in e84617a but the change was lost in a merge.
  7. @int3

    Fix selector specificities.

    int3 authored
    The selector in userDefinedLinkHintCss for non-matchingCharacters takes
    precedence over our default selector for matchingCharacters. We do not
    want this override to happen.
    This problem was probably not observed previously because the
    userDefinedLinkHintCss was being loaded earlier in the page rendering,
    so our default selectors managed to override it when they were loaded
  8. @int3

    Re-enable Vimium on the options page.

    int3 authored
    The options page now modifies localStorage using the same settings
    interface as the content scripts.
  9. @int3

    Make <ESC> do defocusing.

    int3 authored
    Vimium will try to blur the active element first. If there is no element
    to be blurred, we select the topmost frame instead. Thus the user is
    able to use <ESC> to return Vimium fully to its 'default' state.
    Closes #426.
  10. @int3

    Favor next / prev links with fewer words.

    int3 authored
    Also favor exact word matches over inexact ones.
  11. @int3

    When activating links, click instead of setting window.location.

    int3 authored
    This allows us to activate Ajax links properly.
  12. @int3
  13. @int3

    Add migration code for old localStorage values.

    int3 authored
    Finish up the wrapping of localStorage. All background code should now
    modify localStorage via settings.js rather than doing it directly.
  14. @int3

    Refactor settings storage and make it support empty strings.

    int3 authored
    It appears that localStorage keys with the empty string as their value
    will have their values changed to undefined after a browser restart. The
    DOM Inspector shows that the keys are still present, but '{{key}} in
    localStorage' returns false. Convert all localStorage values to JSON as
    a workaround.
    This allows us to store null, numerical etc values seamlessly.
    Closes #434.
    Disable Vimium in the options page, due to a name collision.
  15. @int3

    Factor out common DOM functions.

    int3 authored
  16. @int3

    Do not enter insert mode automatically when searching.

    int3 authored
    Form input elements only trigger insert mode when the user hits <esc> or
    Closes #183.
  17. @int3
  18. @int3

    Make find queries browser-global and persistent.

    int3 authored
    Closes issue #285.
  19. @int3
  20. @int3

    Ensure the find mode HUD doesn't match its own searches.

    int3 authored
    This fixes up the initial attempt at using the zero-width space in
    commit e1e178b.
  21. @int3

    Add enhancements and bugfixes for find mode.

    int3 authored
    * Case-sensitivity behavior is now equivalent to Vim's 'smartcase'.
    * \I flag turns on 'noignorecase'.
    * If a regex does not parse, assume the user isn't done typing yet.
  22. @int3
Commits on Jan 25, 2012
  1. @angelonuffer @int3
  2. @int3
  3. @peterparks
  4. @peterparks
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