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# All variables defined here override those in group_vars/all, for the
# purposes of developing and testing deployment in Vagrant.
# Certain tasks may operate in a less secure (but more convenient) manner, eg.
# enabling passwordless sudo or generating self-signed ssl certs, when testing
# locally, in Vagrant. But not in production!
env: development
# Vagrant box synced folder. This should match the config.vm.synced_folder
# setting in the Vagrantfile, and should be different than the site_path,
# clone_path or public_path vars.
synced_folder: "{{base_path}}/vagrant"
# Vagrant box hostname and FQDN. The site_fqdn setting should match the vagrant
# inventory ansible_ssh_host and Vagrantfile config.hostsupdater.aliases
# settings.
hostname: ansible-vagrant
site_fqdn: "{{project_name}}.loc"
# Should the nginx server use HTTPS instead of HTTP?
ssl: false