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# Get the box up and running. These tasks run before the box is configured
# or the project is cloned or built. All system dependencies should be
# installed here.
- name: ensure apt cache is updated
apt: update_cache=yes cache_valid_time=3600
- name: ensure all packages are upgraded safely
apt: upgrade=safe
when: env != "development"
# Can't use ansible's apt_repository module because we need to fetch gpg keys
# that are hosted on SNI-enabled servers. Python doesn't support SNI natively
# until 2.7.9 and ubuntu 14.04 ships with 2.7.6. Updating the system python is
# not a road we'll be going down.
- name: add keys to apt
shell: wget -qO - {{item}} | apt-key add -
with_items: "{{ apt_keys }}"
# If you are running this on a system with python 2.7.9+, use this instead
#- name: add keys to apt
# apt_key: url={{item}} state=present
# with_items: apt_keys
- name: add ppas to apt
repo: "{{item}}"
state: present
with_items: "{{ apt_ppas }}"
- name: install apt packages
name: "{{item}}"
state: latest
with_items: "{{ apt_packages }}"
- name: update npm to latest
npm: name=npm state=latest global=yes