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- name: check if swap file exists
stat: path={{swap_file_path}}
register: swap_file_check
- name: ensure swapfile exists
command: fallocate -l {{swap_file_size}} /swap
when: not swap_file_check.stat.exists
creates: "{{swap_file_path}}"
- name: ensure swap file has correct permissions
file: path={{swap_file_path}} owner=root group=root mode=0600
- name: ensure swapfile is formatted
command: mkswap {{swap_file_path}}
when: not swap_file_check.stat.exists
# the quotes around integers here can be removed when this is resolved
- name: ensure swap file can be mounted
name: none
src: "{{swap_file_path}}"
fstype: swap
opts: sw
passno: "0"
dump: "0"
state: present
- name: ensure swap is activited
command: swapon -a
- name: ensure swap is used as a last resort
name: vm.swappiness
value: 0