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JavaScript is a programming language invented by the honerable Brendan Eich in 1995 when he worked at netscape. It is a programming language born of the internet, and developed for the browser. However, JavaScript is not just a browser scripting language. JavaScript is a first class programming language with desktop and server side runtimes just like any other programming language.

JavaScript Types

In JavaScript there are 6 types; object, string, array, number, boolean, function. All JavaScript programs are written using these types.


Objects are the building blocks of JavaScript programs. In JavaScript, everything is an object.

Here is an example of a JavaScript Object. This object is called an object literal, because it is literally written out in the code, as apposed to being constructed by a function and stored in memory: { property: 'value', secondPropery: { property: 'this is a property of the secondProperty object which is a property of the parent object literal'
} }

An object can also be assigned to a variable like so var myObject = { property: 'value', secondProp: 'anotherValue'}


A string is piece of text in quotes. For exaple:

'I am a string of text'


An array is a list of members. These members can be anything, including a string, number, array, function, boolean. For example: ['I am', 'an array of', 'strings and', 18, 'numbers']


A number is a literally a number.

For example 18


A boolean is either true or false. Booleans can be used to evaluate the truthiness of something. For example: true


Functions are the things that actually do something in a JavaScript program. Functions in JavaScript are very similar to the functions you learned about in algebra ( remember f(4) = 8, solve for f ?). Functions take arguments, and do things with them. Functions can be called by other functions, passed around in variables, and much more.

More vocabulary


A method is a function property of an object.


A variable is a placeholder. A variable can hold anything, including a string, number, array, function, boolean.

List of javascript things

  • Native
    • Math
    • JSON
  • Host
    • document.location
    • history
    • screenLeft
    • screenTop
    • screenX
    • screenY
    • scrollX
    • scrollY
    • top
    • self
    • statusBar
    • Range
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