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removeEventListener can be called on an eventTarget if the event handler was added with [[addEventListener|Add Event Listener]] using a [[named function]] as opposed to a [[anonymous function]].


var namedCallbackFunction = function( eventObj ){
    // write code to respond to event in here
    // log eventObj to see the cool stuff on the event object

  .addEventListener('eventType', namedCallbackFunction, false);

  .removeEventListener('eventType', namedCallbackFunction, false);


eventTarget.addEventListener('eventTarget', namedCallbackFunction, useCapture)
  • ** eventTarget**: an object against which an event may be dispatched (eg: the window, document, an element, etc.)
  • type: A string indicating the [[event|Events]] type to unbind from.
  • namedCallbackFunction: The named function to be unbound from the eventTarget.
  • useCapture: (optional) If true, useCapture specifies whether the EventListener being removed was registered as a capturing listener or not. If a listener was registered twice, one with capture and one without, each must be removed separately. Removal of a capturing listener does not affect a non-capturing version of the same listener, and vice versa.
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