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This is the documentation for the JavaScript interface to the [[html video element|video]]. The video element JavaScript interface is very similar to the [[audio interface]].

video Methods:

[[load|media-load-method]], [[play|media-play-method]], [[pause|media-pause-method]], [[mute|media-lomutead-method]]

How to use these methods

The video element has the same methods as the audio element.

  .methodName() // calls the method on the selection

For an overview of each method, see [[Media Element Methods]].

video Properties:

The video element has the same properties as the video element.

[[currentTime|media-currentTime-property]], [[playbackRate|media-playbackRate-property]], [[volume|media-volume-property]], [[duration|media-duration-property]], [[networkState|media-networkState-property]]

How to use these properties

  .propertyName // returns the value of the property

For an overview of each property, see [[Media Element Properties]].

video Events:

The video element event interface is the same as the [[audio interface]]. Both interfaces are based on the [[media events]] interface.

The following events are available to you when adding event listeners (or 'binding') to the video element

[[abort|media-abort-event]], [[canplay|media-canplay-event]], [[canplaythrough|media-canplaythrough-event]], [[canshowcurrentframe|media-canshowcurrentframe-event]], [[dataunavailable|media-dataunavailable-event]], [[durationchange|media-durationchange-event]], [[emptied|media-emptied-event]], [[empty|media-empty-event]], [[ended|media-ended-event]], [[error|media-error-event]], [[loadeddata|media-loadeddata-event]], [[loadedmetadata|media-loadedmetadata-event]], [[loadstart|media-loadstart-event]], [[pause|media-pause-event]], [[play|media-play-event]], [[playing|media-playing-event]], [[progress|media-progress-event]], [[ratechange|media-ratechange-event]], [[seeked|media-seeked-event]], [[seeking|media-seeking-event]], [[timeupdate|media-timeupdate-event]], [[volumechange|media-volumechange-event]], [[waiting|media-waiting-event]]

A useful demo of all of the events bellow is available on the W3C Media Events Demo Page.

How to use these events

// bind to an event
  .addEventListener('eventname', function( eventObj ){
    // do stuff in response to the event
    // log eventObj, it has interesting stuff