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MobileVis Pattern Static Application (the counterpart to the gallery at

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MobileVis Pattern Guide

This repository contains the code that generates It is a collection of best practices for creating data visualization on mobile devices. The findings are based on observations made from the examples submitted to Please submit examples there if that is your intention, otherwise proceed to see how you can add best practices or help us with the website itself:

Adding best practices

You could:

  1. Submit a ticket with your suggestion.
  2. Set up the dev environment and add a file describing it. See instructions below.

Setting up Build Environment

Note that the build process relies on you having the other MobileVis repo checked out somewhere on your machine (because they share styles and assets.) Run git clone somewhere outside your repo and save that path for the --root option below.

  1. Clone this repository onto your machine by running git clone
  2. Run npm install from the root
  3. This application uses Middleman as a static site generator. To get it you will need to have ruby installed on your machine. When you do, run bundle install from the root to get all required gems.

When you're ready to do development, run:

  1. grunt dev --root="YourMobileVisGalleryPath" in one terminal. It will watch for changes in various files.
  2. cd build && python -m SimpleHTTPServer in another terminal. This will serve the resulting build files. Even though Middleman comes with built in dev server, we are using grunt to rebuilt the static files that are generated on file changes. It's a bit slower, so it'd be nice to move away from this system in the future.

When you're ready to build your changes, run:

grunt build --root="YourMobileVisGalleryPath"

When sending in a pull request, don't check in build/* files.

Adding patterns:

When you want to add a new pattern, simply look in the source/patterns directory for some examples.

The general required template is:

title: Your Pattern Title
description: Brief description
submitted_by: "twitter handle (no @ please)"
timestamp: 2014-06-03 11:28:16 -0400

<div class="col-md-8">
  Your content here!

The file name should start with an _, like _verticalBarChart.erb. It should be an erb file. It shouldn't use _ as a separator in the file name.

Any assets/images you're adding should go in the source/src/assets folder. Note that most of the images are SVGs! Try to follow this example. For backup, we also create PNGs that we default to if SVG is not supported.

If you have any questions, ping @ireneros or find iros on freenode.


MobileVis Pattern Static Application (the counterpart to the gallery at






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