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Some of the greatest reflections on society take place in film, through complex characters, often falling into familiar patterns called “Tropes”. Tropes are devices and conventions that a writer can rely on as being present in the audience’s minds. Stereotropes is an interactive experiment, exploring a set of tropes authored by the community on that are categorized as being always female or always male.

In this repository you will find the application that currently runs on

To read more about this project, see our about page.

Set up

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Set up dependencies

npm install

(this will run npm install and bower install subsequently.)

  1. Stereotropes relies on a lot of data to run. From dictionaries of tropes and films to detailed information about them. All the data lives in a separate repository that is inaccessible. Instead, there is a public version of this repository that you can check out into your assets/data/ folder here:
cd assets/data/
git clone .


Submit an issue

If you experience any issues on Stereotropes, please consider submitting an issue for us. Any screenshots, details about your browser and operating system and what you were doing at the time are incredibly valuable for us. We need all the information we can get to replicate the issue and fix it.

Submit fixes

If you'd like to submit fixes to Stereotropes, please make them as pull requests from a fork.

Running a local copy

You can run a development version of the application by calling:

grunt dev

This will start a local server on http://localhost:8081. When you make changes, the application will automatically refresh (by using livereload).

To see a production compiled version of stereotropes, you can run:

grunt public


For any questions, please email