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Additional contributions

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Additional Contributions


Type Link Status
Issue 3895: Array.prototype.find incorrectly skips "holes" Fixed
Issue 3897: No distinct IteratorPrototype value Rejected (duplicate)
Issue 3921: Block scoping tests: "Dynamic lookup from closure" inner function never runs Fixed
Issue 3932: Block scoping tests: "closure_in_for_cond" in block-for is never called Fixed
Issue 3938: const bindings in for loop: invalid assignment in next expression Fixed
Issue 3939: Invalid source strings for "Test function declarations in statement position in strict mode." tests Fixed
Issue 3944: All functions born of non-legacy function syntactic forms do not have caller and arguments properties This bug was accidentally deleted.
Issue 3945: Computed static property named prototype is read only Fixed
Issue 3946: All functions born of non-legacy function syntactic forms do not have caller and arguments properties (refiled) Fixed
Issue 3964: Object.{getPrototypeOf, getOwnPropertyDescriptor}(non-object) throws TypeError in violation of spec Fixed
Issue 3965: Object.{freeze, preventExtensions, seal}(non-object) throws TypeError in violation of spec Fixed
Issue 3966: Object.{isExtensible, isFrozen, isSealed}(non-object) throws TypeError in violation of spec fixed
Issue 3971: Symbol may not be used as a WeakMap key Fixed
Issue 3970: Symbol may not be used as a WeakSet entry Fixed
Issue 3975: Incorrect restriction on BindingIdentifier of FunctionDeclaration Contested (see ECMAScript bug 4243)
Issue 3979: Generator instance's prototype property descriptor is incorrect Rejected (see ECMAScript bug 4247)
Issue 3982: Forbidden Extensions on function objects Fixed
Issue 3983: Incorrect restriction on binding identifiers of function expressions Accepted
Issue 3986: GeneratorPrototype property descriptors are incorrect Fixed (via 1051363003)
Issue 3991: %Generator% intrinsic incorrectly implemented as a function Fixed (via 1062633002)
Issue Incorrect use of logical XOR in Array.prototype.concat tests (no issue--reported directly to V8 contributor Cait Potter) Fixed (via Issue 921683006)
Patch 1046963002: Remove invalid assertion Merged
Patch 1049523003: Re-write duplicated assertions Merged
Patch 1051363003: Correct property descriptors on GeneratorPrototype Merged
Patch 1062633002: Re-implement %Generator% intrinsic as an object Merged
Issue 4008: Duplicate Class Definition names produce a TypeError, not SyntaxError Invalid
Issue 4009: Class Definition Evaluation: if heritage is generator throw TypeError Fixed
Issue 4010: Harmony sloppy classes uses wrong error on duplicate declarations Fixed *
Issue 4018: Arrow Function used as callbackfn to forEach with explicit thisArg allowed overridden "this" Fixed
Issue 4030: SuperCall from within ArrowFunction defined in Constructor should produce a ReferenceError Fixed
Issue 4031: Allow SuperProperty reference from within ArrowFunction Fixed
Issue 4051: Set.length is 0, not 1 Closed as dup
Issue 4140: Generator method prototype property incorrectly defined as non-writable Fixed (via 1153633003)
Patch 1153633003: [es6] Define generator prototype as writable prop Merged
Issue 4183: Tagged template incorrectly restricted from CallExpressions Fixed
Issue 4185: Invalid Identifiers Incorrectly Permitted Closed as dup
Issue 4197: Incorrect error type thrown when attempting to create cyclic prototype hierarchies Fixed
Issue 4270 - new Map(iterable) should close the argument iterator after a value is not Object error. Closed as dup
Issue 4302 - String.prototype.normalize throws RangeError if argument is null Fixed
Issue 4303 - String.prototype.normalize.length is 0 Confirmed
Issue 4304 - String.prototype.normalize should return abrupt completion from ToString(this) (object or Symbol) Accepted
Issue 4311 - Array.prototype[Symbol.iterator].name == 'values' Fixed
Issue Expression incorrectly allowed in for..of head's AssignmentExpression position Fixed
Patch 1602823003: [parser] Disallow Expression in for..of statements Merged
Issue 4759 - Rest element does not accept valid user-defined iterables Fixed
Patch 1704533002: Support rest element pattern with user-defined iterable Closed in favor of alternate patch
Issue 4767 - Keyword Incorrectly Permitted in Module Code Fixed (see below)
Patch 1723313002 - [parser] Enforce module-specific identifier restriction Merged
Issue 4973 - NonOctalDecimalIntegerLiteral incorrectly permitted in strict mode code Contested
Issue 4988 - ArraySpeciesCreate does not convert negative zero Fixed (see below)
Patch 1950073002 - Convert negative zero in ArraySpeciesCreate Merged
Issue 4996 - NaN value canonicalized inconsistently Confirmed
Issue 5011 - Incorrect intrinsic default prototype for generator functions Fixed
Issue 5045 - HTML comments are enabled in module code (violating spec) Confirmed
Patch 2009963002 [modules] Disable HTML-like comments Under review
Issue 5064 - Preparser does not restrict duplicate parameters in arrow functions Confirmed
Issue 5090 - Inaccurate error message Unconfirmed
Issue 5131 - Abrupt completions from delegating yield are not honored Confirmed
Issue 5132 - Protocol violation incorrectly completes normally Confirmed
Issue 5181 - DCHECK fails when Proxy target has a null prototype Unconfirmed
Issue 6944 - new BigInt(number) Fatal error Fixed
Issue 6950 - BigInt(0n) returns undefined Fixed
Issue 7874 - Respect OrdinaryOwnPropertyKeys order Filed as a result of test coverage improvements Confirmed

* Erik filed this after we discovered the bug while writing test/language/block-scope/syntax/early-errors/class-definition-evaluation-scriptbody-duplicate-binding.js


Type Link Status
Issue 1138736 - Invalid const binding reassignment in for loop's "next" expression should be TypeError, not Syntax Error Resolved (fixed at 1215341)
Issue 1145191 - Incorrect restriction on BindingIdentifier of FunctionDeclaration Contested (see ECMAScript bug 4243)
Issue 1146532 - Incorrect interpretation of FutureReservedWords in sloppy mode New
Issue 1150184 - Incorrect application of restriction on octal escape sequences Rejected (invalid)
Issue 1155900 - TypeError not thrown for invalid ObjectAssignmentPattern Resolved fixed
Issue 1157419 - Elision following AssignmentRestElement should not be permitted Rejected (duplicate)
Issue 1157774 - Set.prototype.forEach default "this" should be undefined, not global object Invalid **
Issue 1166950 - Generator methods incorrectly restricted from use as constructors Resolved fixed
Issue 1180286 - iterates after Proxy enumerate trap returning a done iterator iterface New
Issue 1180290 - Set and Map prototype.size accessor get function name should return get size Resolved fixed
Issue 1180294 - Map/Set/WeakMap/WeakSet should throw a TypeError when called without a new target Closed as dup ***
Issue 1180306 - new Map(iterable) should close the argument iterator after a value is not Object error New
Issue 1187502 - Function parameters are incorrectly initialized prior to binding New
Issue 1271646 - NaN value canonicalized inconsistently New

** See bug for further details

*** Closed as duplicated. Although, the remaining issue got extended from Set only to Set, Map and WeakMap.


Type Link Status
Issue Dynamic Imports: import() must produce a SyntaxError #5270 NOTE: This may be related to the -ESModule flag Closed
Issue Test262/eshost runtime feature request: -module flag for ch #5274 Filed
Issue [Atomics.wake(...) always returns 0 on non-win32 platforms #5368
]( Filed


Type Link Status
Issue gh-144: ES6-specific tests with an es5id? Fixed
Issue gh-150: "Test Case Names" in appears out of date Fixed
Issue gh-156: compareArray is wrong Fixed
Patch gh-148: Update front matter to include eithe es5id or es6id where missing. Closes gh-144 #148 Merged
Patch gh-151: Contributing: updates the Test Case Names section. Closes gh-150 Merged

ECMAScript specification

Type Link Status
Issue 4206 - 25.2.4: 'name' property omitted from GeneratorInstance Fixed
Issue 4210 - - Incorrect parenthesis placement Fixed
Issue 4247 - Inconsistent prototype property descriptors Fixed
Issue 4277 - 14.2.16: Misleading non-normative note Filed
Issue 4315 - Extend to reject suspicious invocation patterns Filed
Issue 4316 - 12.14.5 - Omitted Productions Filed
Issue 4334 - Abrupt completion discarded in native collection constructors Rejected (invalid)
Issue 4380 - 9.5.5 GetOwnProperty (P): Unnecessary call to ToBoolean Fixed
Issue 4386 - Incorrect reference to internal value Fixed
Issue 4391 - Object.assign unnecessary step Fixed
Issue 4425 - Typo: "searchStr" vs "searchString" Filed
Issue 4434 - RegExp.prototype [ @@split ]: Missing Boundary Check Filed
Issue gh-299: Possibly-unreachable specification text Duplicate
Patch ~~gh-304: Correct argument in invocation of UpdateEmpty Invalid
Issue gh-305: %TypedArray% constructor calling super Fixed
Patch gh-306: Fix TypedArray constructor name definition Merged
Patch gh-313: %TypedArray% constructor simplification Merged
Patch gh-319: Standardize a RangeError for call stack overflow Won't fix
Patch gh-336: Replaced unused variables with Perform keyword Merged
Patch gh-337: Remove detached buffer Invalid
Patch gh-349: Fix TypedArrays.prototype.constructor reference Invalid
Patch gh-399: [editorial] Rename "Bound Function Exotic Object" Merged
Patch gh-405: Normative: account for possible abrupt completion Merged
Patch gh-408: Editorial: Correct typo Merged
Patch gh-409: Change grammar for positive integer assertions Merged
Patch gh-410: Normalize TypedArray, ArrayBuffer and DataView constructors Under review
Patch gh-411: Remove interoperability between TypedArrays and DataView instances Merged
Patch gh-412: Remove unnecessary step on Won't fix
Patch gh-417: Editorial: Fully Specify ModuleRequests Invalid
Patch gh-456: [editorial] Remove unreachable branch Merged
Patch gh-460: [normative] Limit application of Annex B extension Merged
Patch gh-465: Add missing ! on Integer Indexed's DefineOwnProperty step Merged
Patch gh-466: Remove unnecessary step on Integer Indexed's DefineOwnProperty Merged
Patch gh-476: [editorial] Assert normal completion value Merged
Patch gh-485: [normative] Prevent module binding "rescuing" Merged (indirectly)
Patch gh-488: [editorial] Document invariant more consistently Merged
Patch gh-490: [editorial] Remove unreachable method Merged (indirectly)
Patch gh-505: [editorial] Insert omitted parameter Merged
Patch gh-507: [editorial] Assert normal completion value Merged
Patch gh-510: [editorial] Specify order of module namespace keys Merged
Issue gh-524: Missing UpdateExpression Fixed
Patch gh-542: [editorial] Document algorithm modification Merged
Patch gh-547: [normative] Promote consistent scoping for classes Invalid
Patch gh-553: TypedArrays slice set operation does not throw Merged
Patch gh-557: Fix binary32/64 NaN formats in SetValueInBuffer Merged
Patch gh-558: Editorial: Optimize if order in TypedArray#set Merged
Patch gh-559: [normative] Specify char case of escape output Merged
Patch gh-563: [editorial] Remove tautological condition Merged
Patch gh-565: Normative: Return this on %TypedArray%.prototype.set Won't fix
Patch gh-576: [editorial] Correct typos Under review
Patch gh-579: [editorial] Assert normal completion value Under review
Issue proposal-async-iteration: [normative] One more modified function: FunctionAllocate Under review
Issue proposal-bigint: [normative] Additional clarification re: new and super Open
Issue Editorial: Remove unnecessary steps Open

HTML View of the Draft

Type Link Status
Patch gh-88 Fix broken references Open

Miscellaneous Open Source Projects

Type Link Status
Issue recast - gh-153: Treat comment objects as reprintable AST nodes (reported via comment) Fixed
Issue recast - gh-156: Computed Properties losing brackets when printed Fixed
Patch Sweet.js - gh-451: Recognize function declarations Open
Issue es6draft - gh-8: Promise.resolve does not honor constructor property Fixed
Issue joyent / node - gh-25659 VM: Breaking Change in 0.12 Open
Patch bterlson / test262-harness - gh-39: Avoid errors in inter-process test transmission Open
Issue es6draft - gh-9: Function name property incorrectly derived from description-less Symbol Invalid
Issue es6draft - gh-11: Misbehaving RegExp-likes can crash the VM Open
Issue es6draft - gh-12: Incorrect Function Length Open

HTML View of the Draft

Type Link Status
Bug [css-typed-om] 6.3. CSSUnitValue Serialization unit string bug #761 (This was discovered while reviewing Numeric Literal Separator vs Extension Literal proposal Open
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