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These are the open source version of the notes for the book I'm working on "Embodied Computational Calculus".
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This the public version of the notes for the book I'm working on "Embodied Computational Calculus".

I have a different vision about the business model behind publishing a book. First, I believe that human knowledge belongs to the world for free. Period. Moreover, in this era of light-speed communications, there is no moral reason for making profit out of withholding knowledge gratuitously, not for ten years, not for one year, not for one second, so the "for free" part should be from the start. Secondly, I believe editing and publishing a book is an inimaginable pain, countless hours of formating and writing equations in LaTeX. Granted, I have absolutely no formal training in writing a book.

To reconcile these aparently opposing viewpoints, I have reached the following, maybe counter-intentuitive plan:

  • My notes will be stored here, for safehaven on the GitHub ship, and to be publicly consulted, to irk, annoy, inspire questions or doubt, or serve as wonder, for either the scientific or psychiatric community.
  • In parallel, I will continue my commercial effort on making a more human-readable, digestable version of Embodied Computational Calculus, which I aim to be publishing by the end of 2020.
  • In the meanwhile, any critique or feedback are appreciated and encouraged.
  • Pull requests are welcome.

The use of any material presented here for commercial purposes is only permitted upon securing my written permission.

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