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Another REST library for Java inspired by the good bits in JSR-311

This project is the Java rewrite of WebFabric

Some of the core features

  • Configuration in code (no xml)
  • No static state (i.e. easily testable unlike Play)
  • Multiple [Containers web containers] support:
  • Servlets (Tomcat, Jetty tested)
  • Jetty in embedded mode
  • SimpleWeb
  • Embedded HttpServer from Java 6
  • Undertow (V2 only)
  • In-Memory
  • Very flexible / extensible
    • You can new up the Application and reach in and replace any dependency for a test
  • Super simple SSL setup support
  • Uniform client / server API (like Restlet)
  • Composition preferred over class inheritance (unlike Restlet)
  • Resources can be defined with Annotations, DSL, static files or role your own convention
    • By using the DSL you can even bind a HTTP method directly to a 3rd party Java class
  • Very fast startup times (around 1ms)
  • Request and Response can be 'new'd up, 'toString'd and parsed
  • Resources can consume and return Requests and Responses or any Java classes
    • Renderers can be registered for any response object


  • 1.x - Stable - Requires Java 7+
  • 2.x - Development - Requires Java 8+