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Native resources for managing basic cloudstack components.
Ruby Puppet
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Setting up auth credentials.

your credentials should be stored in a file called transport.yaml in your puppet conf dir.

(for users this is ~/.puppet/, for root, this is /etc/puppet, basically where puppet.conf lives)

Project that create Puppet resource's for modeling CloudStack objects.

  api_key: 'api_key'
  secret_access_key: 'secret_key'
  host: ''
  port: '8080'
  path: '/client/api'
  scheme: 'http'

querying for resources, now you can use puppet resource to do all kinds of stuff

list zones

puppet resource cloudstack_zone

list flavors

puppet resource cloudstack_flavor

list images

puppet resource cloudstack_image

list networks

puppet resource cloudstack_network

list instances

puppet resource cloudstack_instance

managing instances as resources in Puppet's DSL

check the file tests/example.pp, it shows how to create instances as resources, only resources support being managed at the moment.

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