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This project facilitates acceptance testing of puppet.

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Running the Distributed Test Harness

Pre-flight checks:

  - You will need at least one System Undet Test (SUT) host, physical or virtual is fine.  The machine will need a properly configured network.
  - On the your SUT, you must configure pass through ssh auth for the root user.
  - The SUT have have the "ntpdate" binary installed
  - GIT installs: installing from a git repository then you must have git, ruby, rdoc installed on your SUT. 
  - PE installs: PE will install git, ruby, rdoc.

  - The harness need not be ran as root.
  - The machine that will drive the tests must have ruby installed, inclduing the following ruby gems:

Prepare a config file:

The test harness is configuration driven; the config file is yaml formated.  A basic config file sufficent for running tests against a single host:

      - master
      - agent
    platform: centos-5-i386
  rubyver: ruby18

Here we have the machine "hostname_of_test_machine", a Centos 5.x 32 bit box,, that will serve as a Pupppet master and Agent.

This represents a very basic config; more complex configs can be found under cfg_examples/.

Steps to run the acceptance tests:

./systest.rb -c your_cfg --type git -p  -f 1.5.8 -t tests/acceptance --debug

Results will be written to log/latest/summary.txt and runlog

Special topic branch checkout:
./systest.rb -c 2centos_64_386 --type git -p -f 1.5.8 -t tests/acceptance/ticket_6856_manage_not_work_with_symlinks.rb
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