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Update README to specify promisc mode for interfaces as a req

Permiscious mode is required for interfaces that are acting as
the internal VM network.

This commit adds this requirement to the README
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1 parent 90dffc1 commit cc1b52688593adeb8b07c712d443e61a953a4fcf Dan Bode committed Jun 25, 2012
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@@ -49,6 +49,18 @@ These modules are based on the adminstrative guides for openstack
If machines only have one NIC, it is necessary to manually create a bridge
called br100 that bridges into the ip address specified on that NIC
+ All interfaces that are used to bridge traffic for the internal network
+ need to have permiscous mode set.
+ Below is an example of setting permiscuos mode on an interface on Ubuntu.
+ #/etc/network/interfaces
+ auto eth1
+ iface eth1 inet manual
+ up ifconfig $IFACE up
+ up ifconfig $IFACE promisc
### Volumes:
Every node that is configured to be a nova volume service must have a volume

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