A bomberman like multiplayer game for node and socket.io
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A bomberman-like multiplayer game for node with socket.io


As you can see, the game is in dire need for some appealing graphics, which I am not at all good at.. Any help would be appreciated.. :)

The game is inspired by the good old Amiga game Dyna Blaster..

Original Dyna Blaster

How to install and run the game

on Windows

  • Download this repo by clicking the ZIP-button at the top of this page, or use git to clone it
  • Unpack it (if you downloaded the zip-file)
  • Find start.bat and run it
    • If it opens nodejs.org in your browser, you need to install node.js from there and run start.bat again
  • The game should now run and open in your browser :)
    • Share the link to play together with others on your local network.. (you may need to substitute the hostname with your ip-address)

on Ubuntu

To install:

$ sudo apt-get install git nodejs
$ git clone https://github.com/bodhiBit/nodeblaster.git
$ cd nodeblaster
$ npm install

To run:

$ cd nodeblaster
$ node app.js

Have fun..! :D