([] 1) throws NPE instead of IndexOutOfBoundsException #9

jakubholynet opened this Issue Nov 17, 2012 · 0 comments

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Accessing non-existent vector element should throw IndexOutOfBoundsException but retrurns NPE instead:

java.lang.NullPointerException: null
Matcher.java:1140 java​.util​.regex​.Matcher​.getTextLength
Matcher.java:291 java​.util​.regex​.Matcher​.reset
Matcher.java:211 java​.util​.regex​.Matcher​.
Pattern.java:888 java​.util​.regex​.Pattern​.matcher
core.clj:4286 clojure​.core​/re​-matcher
core.clj:4338 clojure​.core​/re​-find
repl.clj:87 catnip​.repl​/eval​-sexp
repl.clj:96 catnip​.repl​/eval​-stream
repl.clj:105 catnip​.repl​/eval​-string
server.clj:47 catnip​.server​/on​-message [fn] ...

I might try to find & fix the cause if I get the time ...

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