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;;; bodil-haskell.el -- Haskell things, for great justice.
;; Install haskell-mode
(load (expand-file-name "~/.emacs.d/site-lisp/haskell-mode/haskell-site-file"))
;; Configure haskell-mode
(add-hook 'haskell-mode-hook 'turn-on-haskell-doc-mode)
(add-hook 'haskell-mode-hook 'turn-on-haskell-indentation)
;(add-hook 'haskell-mode-hook 'turn-on-haskell-indent)
;(add-hook 'haskell-mode-hook 'turn-on-haskell-simple-indent)
;; Make each piece of a camel case word count as a single word when
;; using commands operating on words.
(add-hook 'haskell-mode-hook '(lambda () (capitalized-words-mode t)))
;; Load Scion if installed.
;; (Install it from
(defvar scion-path (expand-file-name "~/.cabal/share/scion-"))
(when (file-accessible-directory-p scion-path)
(add-to-list 'load-path scion-path)
(require 'scion)
(add-hook 'haskell-mode-hook
(lambda ()
(scion-mode 1)
(scion-flycheck-on-save 1)))
(setq scion-completing-read-function 'ido-completing-read))
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