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The iiif-manifest-editor is a web application that generates IIIF manifests. It allows you to import, view, update and export images and metadata using the IIIF APIs.

Screenshot of the IIIF Manifest Editor

How to use

See this Wiki page for instructions on how to use the IIIF manifest editor: User manual

Online Demo

You can find online demos of the IIIF Manifest Editor here:

How to set up the application


How to set up the application

  • Clone this repository: git clone
  • Change into the project directory: cd iiif-manifest-editor
  • Install Node v8.1.4 with nvm: nvm install v8.1.4
  • Install the required node modules into the project: npm install

How to run the application

  • Run webpack to generate the bundle file either once or dynamically on file changes:
    • npm run build: This builds the bundle file once for use in development
    • npm run build-prod: This builds a much smaller bundle file for use in production
    • npm run watch: This builds the bundle file dynamically on all file changes
    • Note: when changing webpack.config.js, webpack needs to be restarted
  • Start the server: npm run start

How to run tests

  • npm run test