analysis of emotional valence of taste and smell words
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Bodo Winter

July 20, 2015; Updated Jan 2016

github repo: affect_modality

Description: Analysis of sensory adjectives, nouns and verbs in terms of emotional valence

There are three analysis files:

  • 001: by-word analysis of valence
  • 002: context analysis of valence
  • 003: valence variability analysis

There are 8 different data files:

  • lynott_connell_2009_adj_norms.csv: contains the Lynott & Connell (2009) adjective norms
  • lynott_connell_2013_noun_norms.csv: contains the Lynott & Connell (2013) noun norms
  • winter_2015_verb_norms.csv: contains newly collected verb norms
  • warriner_2013_affective_norms.csv: contains Warriner et al. (2013) affect norms
  • NRC_hashtag_unigrams-pmilexicon.txt: contains Mohammad (2012) affect norms
  • adjective_noun_combinations.csv: contains COCA (Davies, 2008)