analyzing the relationship between iconicity and age of acquisition
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Statistical analysis for "Iconicity in the speech of children and adults"

Authors: Lynn Perry, Marcus Perlman, Bodo Winter, Dominic Massaro, Gary Lupyan

Libraries required for this analysis:

  • dplyr
  • readr
  • stringr
  • reshape2
  • car
  • mgcv
  • lme4
  • mgcv
  • itsadug

Script files contained in this analysis:

  • analysis.R : Contains all analyses
  • predict.glmm.R : Function for retrieving 95% confidence intervals from mixed models

Data files contained in this analysis:

  • iconicity.csv : The main dataframe that contains iconicity ratings by word, concreteness etc.
  • word_selection.txt : The subset of words analyzed in this study. Excludes words from Perry et al. (2015) and compounds.
  • onomatopoetic_words.txt : List of onomatopoetic words excluded for some analyses.
  • ANC-spoken-lemma.txt : American National Corpus frequency data
  • monaghan2014_systematicity.csv : Monaghan et al. (2014)'s systematicity data.
  • childesPlusIconNEW.csv : By-child CHILDES data (longitudinal)