analysis of three experiments that look at the effects of f0 and intensity manipulation on politeness perception
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Statistical analysis of F0/Intensity Manipulation politeness studies

  • Principal investigator: Kaori Idemaru
  • Study design: Kaori Idemaru, Lucien Brown, Bodo Winter, Grace Eunhae Oh
  • Data collection: Kaori Idemaru, Grace Eunhae Oh
  • Statistical Analysis: Bodo Winter

Libraries required for this analysis:

  • stringr
  • dplyr
  • lme4

Script files:

  • analysis.R
    Contains analyses of all three experiments

Data files:

  1. E1_f0_konkuk.csv
    Data from experiment 1, f0 manipulation, straight from E-Prime
  2. E2_int_konkuk.csv
    Data from experiment 2, intensity manipulation, straight from E-Prime
  3. E3_both_konkuk.csv
    Data from experiment 3, f0 + intensity manipulation, straight from E-Prime
  4. stimuli_acoustics.csv
    Stimuli acoustics