analysis of type and token frequencies of visual dominance
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Vision dominates in perceptual language

Statistical analysis README

  • Project by Bodo Winter, Marcus Perlman and Asifa Majid
  • Statistical analysis: Bodo Winter

Analysis script files:

  • emptyplot.R : function for generating an empty plot
  • average_frequencies.R : analysis of token frequencies
  • type_frequencies.R : analysis of type frequencies
  • cumulative_frequencies.R : cumulative frequencies, largely for plotting
  • COCA_register_analysis.R : token frequencies across registers
  • COHA_analysis.R : token frequencies COHA, diachronic
  • COHA_preprocessing.R : COHA data carpentry
  • COCA_register_processing.R : COCA data carpentry
  • COHA_analysis_strik.R : replication with different word list
  • COHA_preprocessing_strik.R : replication with different word list

Figures folder contains logos from freepix