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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<strings xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
<string id="1">&amp;File</string>
<string id="2">E&amp;xit</string>
<string id="3">&amp;Edit</string>
<string id="4">&amp;Settings...</string>
<string id="5">&amp;Help</string>
<string id="6">&amp;About...</string>
<string id="7">Loading Media:</string>
<string id="8">&amp;Tools</string>
<string id="9">&amp;Clean Files</string>
<string id="10">&amp;Sort Files Into Folders</string>
<string id="11">Copy Existing Fanart To &amp;Backdrops Folder</string>
<string id="12">Revert Meta Data Studio &amp;Tags</string>
<string id="13">Folder Name</string>
<string id="14">Sets &amp;Manager</string>
<string id="15">File Name</string>
<string id="16">Season Result</string>
<string id="17">Clear &amp;All Caches</string>
<string id="18">Re&amp;load All Movies</string>
<string id="19">Close</string>
<string id="20">Genres</string>
<string id="21">Title</string>
<string id="22">Reload</string>
<string id="23">Mark</string>
<string id="24">Lock</string>
<string id="25">Edit Movie</string>
<string id="26">Details</string>
<string id="27">&gt;&gt; Select Genre &lt;&lt;</string>
<string id="28">Add</string>
<string id="29">Set</string>
<string id="30">Remove</string>
<string id="31">(Re)Scrape Selected Movies</string>
<string id="32">Change Movie</string>
<string id="33">Open Containing Folder</string>
<string id="34">Delete Movie</string>
<string id="35">Mark All</string>
<string id="36">Movies</string>
<string id="37">Clear Filters</string>
<string id="38">General</string>
<string id="39">Out of Tolerance</string>
<string id="40">Missing Items</string>
<string id="41">Duplicates</string>
<string id="42">Specific</string>
<string id="43">Locked</string>
<string id="44">Modifier</string>
<string id="45">And</string>
<string id="46">Or</string>
<string id="47">New</string>
<string id="48">Marked</string>
<string id="49">Year:</string>
<string id="50">Source:</string>
<string id="51">Genre:</string>
<string id="52">Filters</string>
<string id="53">Canceling Scraper...</string>
<string id="54">Cancel Scraper</string>
<string id="55">No Information is Available for This Movie</string>
<string id="56">Certification(s)</string>
<string id="57">Release Date</string>
<string id="58">Refresh</string>
<string id="59">Meta Data</string>
<string id="60">File Path</string>
<string id="61">IMDB ID</string>
<string id="62">Director</string>
<string id="63">Cast</string>
<string id="64">Plot Outline</string>
<string id="65">Plot</string>
<string id="66">Info</string>
<string id="67">Scrape Media</string>
<string id="68">All Movies</string>
<string id="69">Automatic (Force Best Match)</string>
<string id="70">All Items</string>
<string id="71">NFO Only</string>
<string id="72">Poster Only</string>
<string id="73">Fanart Only</string>
<string id="74">Extrathumbs Only</string>
<string id="75">Trailer Only</string>
<string id="76">Meta Data Only</string>
<string id="77">Ask (Require Input If No Exact Match)</string>
<string id="78">Movies Missing Items</string>
<string id="79">New Movies</string>
<string id="80">Marked Movies</string>
<string id="81">Custom Scraper...</string>
<string id="82">Update Library</string>
<string id="83">Media Centers</string>
<string id="84">Scrape/download data from the internet for multiple movies.</string>
<string id="85">Scans sources for new content and cleans database.</string>
<string id="86">Sends a command to XBMC to begin its internal "Update Library" process.</string>
<string id="87">Mark or Unmark all movies in the list.</string>
<string id="88">Search the movie titles by entering text here.</string>
<string id="89">Play the movie file with the system default media player.</string>
<string id="90">Rescan and save the meta data for the selected movie.</string>
<string id="91">Display only movies that have duplicate IMDB IDs.</string>
<string id="92">Display only movies whose title matching is out of tolerance.</string>
<string id="93">Display only movies that have items missing.</string>
<string id="94">Display only new movies.</string>
<string id="95">Display only marked movies.</string>
<string id="96">Display only locked movies.</string>
<string id="97">Display only movies from the selected source.</string>
<string id="98">Select Genre...</string>
<string id="99">Canceling All Processes...</string>
<string id="100">Actor</string>
<string id="101">Are you sure you want to continue?</string>
<string id="102">WARNING: If you continue, all non-whitelisted file types will be deleted!</string>
<string id="103">WARNING: If you continue, all files of the following types will be permanently deleted:</string>
<string id="104">Are you sure?</string>
<string id="105">Unmark All</string>
<string id="106">&gt;&gt; Multiple &lt;&lt;</string>
<string id="107">Unmark</string>
<string id="108">Unlock</string>
<string id="110">Refreshing Media:</string>
<string id="111">Unable to load directories. Please check settings.</string>
<string id="112">Runtime: {0}</string>
<string id="113">Now select the default language you would like Ember to look for when scraping TV Show items.</string>
<string id="114">* This MUST be enabled to use extrathumbs and file naming options like movie.tbn, fanart.jpg, etc.</string>
<string id="115">Add Regex</string>
<string id="116">Performing Preliminary Tasks (Gathering Data)...</string>
<string id="117">Unknown Movie ({0})</string>
<string id="118">{0} Votes</string>
<string id="119">Canceling File Cleaner...</string>
<string id="120">Cancel Cleaner</string>
<string id="121">Canceling Backdrop Copy...</string>
<string id="122">Cancel Copy</string>
<string id="123">Clear</string>
<string id="124">Update Regex</string>
<string id="125">Canceling Scraper...</string>
<string id="126">Cancel Scraper</string>
<string id="127">Scraping Media (All Movies - Ask):</string>
<string id="128">Scraping Media (All Movies - Auto):</string>
<string id="129">Cleaning Files:</string>
<string id="130">Copying Fanart to Backdrops Folder:</string>
<string id="131">{0} as {1}</string>
<string id="132">Scraping Media (Movies Missing Items - Auto):</string>
<string id="133">Scraping Media (Movies Missing Items - Ask):</string>
<string id="134">Scraping Media (New Movies - Ask):</string>
<string id="135">Scraping Media (New Movies - Auto):</string>
<string id="136">Scraping Media (Marked Movies - Ask):</string>
<string id="137">Scraping Media (Marked Movies - Auto):</string>
<string id="138">Re-scraping {0}</string>
<string id="139">Scraping:</string>
<string id="140">Scanning Meta Data:</string>
<string id="141">Unable to retrieve movie details from the internet. Please check your connection and try again.</string>
<string id="142">Error Retrieving Details</string>
<string id="143">Update {0} Only</string>
<string id="144">Update</string>
<string id="145">Only</string>
<string id="146">(Re)Scrape Season</string>
<string id="147">(Re)Scrape Episode</string>
<string id="148">Poster</string>
<string id="149">Fanart</string>
<string id="150">Nfo</string>
<string id="151">Trailer</string>
<string id="152">Subtitles</string>
<string id="153">Extrathumbs</string>
<string id="154">Actor Name:</string>
<string id="155">Actor Role:</string>
<string id="156">Actor Thumb (URL):</string>
<string id="157">New Actor</string>
<string id="158">Edit Actor</string>
<string id="159">Specified URL is not valid.</string>
<string id="160">Invalid URL</string>
<string id="161">Please enter a URL to verify.</string>
<string id="162">No Thumb URL Specified</string>
<string id="163">(Re)Scrape Movie</string>
<string id="164">(Re)Scrape Selected Movies</string>
<string id="165">Compiling Movie List...</string>
<string id="166">Canceling Compilation...</string>
<string id="167">Cancel</string>
<string id="168">Scrape Order</string>
<string id="169">Lock All</string>
<string id="170">Unlock All</string>
<string id="171">Name:</string>
<string id="172">Description:</string>
<string id="173">Addon Version:</string>
<string id="174">Folder</string>
<string id="175">Filename</string>
<string id="176">New Folder</string>
<string id="177">New Filename</string>
<string id="178">Min. Ember Version:</string>
<string id="179">OK</string>
<string id="180">Preview</string>
<string id="181">Enter URL to Image:</string>
<string id="182">Manual Fanart Entry</string>
<string id="183">Manual Poster Entry</string>
<string id="184">Image Viewer</string>
<string id="185">Fit</string>
<string id="186">Full Size</string>
<string id="187">&amp;Format / Indent</string>
<string id="188">&amp;Parse</string>
<string id="189">&amp;Save</string>
<string id="190">Manual NFO Editor | </string>
<string id="191">This is not a proper XML document</string>
<string id="192">File is not valid.</string>
<string id="193">File is valid.</string>
<string id="194">Not Valid</string>
<string id="195">Valid</string>
<string id="196">Do you want to save changes?</string>
<string id="197">Save?</string>
<string id="198">Movie Source</string>
<string id="199">Source Name:</string>
<string id="200">Source Path:</string>
<string id="201">Source Options</string>
<string id="202">Only Detect One Movie From Each Folder*</string>
<string id="203">Use Folder Name for Initial Listing</string>
<string id="204">Scan Recursively</string>
<string id="205">Select the parent folder for your movie folders/files.</string>
<string id="206">Set Name:</string>
<string id="207">Edit Set</string>
<string id="208">Add New Set</string>
<string id="209">A New Version Is Available</string>
<string id="210">Failed to Load Upgrade Application</string>
<string id="211">Click Here</string>
<string id="212">to visit</string>
<string id="213">Sort Files Into Folders</string>
<string id="214">Go</string>
<string id="215">Status</string>
<string id="216">Enter Path and Press "Go" to Begin.</string>
<string id="217">Path to Sort:</string>
<string id="218">Select the folder which contains the files you wish to sort.</string>
<string id="219">Moving </string>
<string id="220">WARNING: If you continue, all files will be sorted into separate folders.</string>
<string id="221">The folder you entered does not exist. Please enter a valid path.</string>
<string id="222">Folder Not Found</string>
<string id="223">Select Studio</string>
<string id="224">Edit the details for the selected movie.</string>
<string id="225">Local Trailer Found</string>
<string id="226">Studio:</string>
<string id="227">Trailer URL:</string>
<string id="228">Credits:</string>
<string id="229">MPAA Rating Description:</string>
<string id="230">Manual Edit</string>
<string id="231">Actors:</string>
<string id="232">Name</string>
<string id="233">Role</string>
<string id="234">Thumb</string>
<string id="235">MPAA Rating:</string>
<string id="236">Release Date:</string>
<string id="237">Certification(s):</string>
<string id="238">Runtime:</string>
<string id="239">Director:</string>
<string id="240">Top 250:</string>
<string id="241">Plot:</string>
<string id="242">Plot Outline:</string>
<string id="243">Tagline:</string>
<string id="244">Votes:</string>
<string id="245">Rating:</string>
<string id="246">Title:</string>
<string id="247">Remove Poster</string>
<string id="248">Change Poster (Scrape)</string>
<string id="249">Change Poster (Local Browse)</string>
<string id="250">Remove Fanart</string>
<string id="251">Change Fanart (Scrape)</string>
<string id="252">Change Fanart (Local Browse)</string>
<string id="253">You have extrathumbs queued to be transferred to the movie folder.</string>
<string id="254">Transfer Now</string>
<string id="255">Set As Fanart</string>
<string id="256">Frame Extraction</string>
<string id="257">Max. Ember Version:</string>
<string id="258">Category:</string>
<string id="259">Path To New Screen Shot Image:</string>
<string id="260">Current Screen Shot:</string>
<string id="261">Screen Shot image must be a JPEG, equal to or less than 150 KB in size, and equal to or less than 133x95 in dimension.</string>
<string id="262">Version:</string>
<string id="263">Installed:</string>
<string id="264">Clear Cache</string>
<string id="265">Change Poster (Download)</string>
<string id="266">Change Fanart (Download)</string>
<string id="267">Master.eLang.GetString(148, "One or more cache resources is currently in use and cannot be deleted at the moment.</string>
<string id="268">Cannot Clear Cache</string>
<string id="269">Size: {0}x{1}</string>
<string id="270">The trailer could not be played. This could be due to an invalid URI or you do not have the proper player to play the trailer type.</string>
<string id="271">Error Playing Trailer</string>
<string id="272">Addon File</string>
<string id="273">Save</string>
<string id="274">Reset</string>
<string id="275">Filter</string>
<string id="276">Apply</string>
<string id="277">New Addon</string>
<string id="278">Year</string>
<string id="279">Edit Addon - </string>
<string id="280">Addon Files</string>
<string id="281">Video</string>
<string id="282">Audio</string>
<string id="283">Unknown</string>
<string id="284">Canceled</string>
<string id="285">Addons</string>
<string id="286">Login</string>
<string id="287">Login to Addons Server</string>
<string id="288">Fetching "{0}" Addons...</string>
<string id="289">Logging in...</string>
<string id="290">Translations</string>
<string id="291">Templates</string>
<string id="292">Invalid Entry</string>
<string id="293">Other</string>
<string id="294">Create New</string>
<string id="295">Delete Addon</string>
<string id="296">In order to continue with deletion, you need to confirm you are the owner of the Addon.</string>
<string id="297">Confirm Ownership</string>
<string id="298">Restart Ember Media Manager?</string>
<string id="299">Recent changes require a restart of Ember Media Manager to complete.\n\nWould you like to restart Ember Media Manager now?</string>
<string id="300">Yes</string>
<string id="301">Country</string>
<string id="302">Original Title</string>
<string id="303"></string>
<string id="304"></string>
<string id="305"></string>
<string id="306"></string>
<string id="307"></string>
<string id="308"></string>
<string id="309"></string>
<string id="310"></string>
<string id="311"></string>
<string id="312"></string>
<string id="313"></string>
<string id="314"></string>
<string id="315"></string>
<string id="316"></string>
<string id="317"></string>
<string id="318"></string>
<string id="319"></string>
<string id="320"></string>
<string id="321"></string>
<string id="322">X-Large</string>
<string id="323">Large</string>
<string id="324">Medium</string>
<string id="325">Small</string>
<string id="326"></string>
<string id="327"></string>
<string id="328"></string>
<string id="329"></string>
<string id="330"></string>
<string id="331"></string>
<string id="332"></string>
<string id="333"></string>
<string id="334"></string>
<string id="335"></string>
<string id="336"></string>
<string id="337"></string>
<string id="338"></string>
<string id="339"></string>
<string id="340"></string>
<string id="341"></string>
<string id="342"></string>
<string id="343"></string>
<string id="344"></string>
<string id="345"></string>
<string id="346"></string>
<string id="347"></string>
<string id="348"></string>
<string id="349"></string>
<string id="350">DVD</string>
<string id="351">Invalid</string>
<string id="352"></string>
<string id="353"></string>
<string id="354"></string>
<string id="355">Exists</string>
<string id="356"></string>
<string id="357"></string>
<string id="358"></string>
<string id="359"></string>
<string id="360"></string>
<string id="361">Finished</string>
<string id="362">Done</string>
<string id="363"></string>
<string id="364"></string>
<string id="365">Sets Manager</string>
<string id="366">Sets</string>
<string id="367">Movies In Set</string>
<string id="368">None Selected</string>
<string id="369">Loading Movies and Sets...</string>
<string id="370">Canceling Load...</string>
<string id="371">Add and configure movie boxed sets.</string>
<string id="372"></string>
<string id="373">Download</string>
<string id="374"></string>
<string id="375"></string>
<string id="376"></string>
<string id="377"></string>
<string id="378"></string>
<string id="379"></string>
<string id="380"></string>
<string id="381"></string>
<string id="382"></string>
<string id="383"></string>
<string id="384">Custom Scraper</string>
<string id="385">Create a custom scraper</string>
<string id="386">Selection Filter</string>
<string id="387">Update Mode</string>
<string id="388">Modifiers</string>
<string id="389">Begin</string>
<string id="390">Options</string>
<string id="391">Other Crew</string>
<string id="392">Music By</string>
<string id="393">Producers</string>
<string id="394">Writers</string>
<string id="395">Studio</string>
<string id="396">Runtime</string>
<string id="397">Tagline</string>
<string id="398">Cast</string>
<string id="399">Votes</string>
<string id="400">Rating</string>
<string id="401">MPAA</string>
<string id="402">Ember Startup Wizard</string>
<string id="403">&lt; Back</string>
<string id="404">Next &gt;</string>
<string id="405">Welcome to Ember Media Manager</string>
<string id="406">TIP: Selections containing the text &lt;movie&gt; means that Ember Media Manager will use the filename of the movie.</string>
<string id="407">Add Source</string>
<string id="408">That wasn't so hard was it? As mentioned earlier, you can change these or any other options in the Settings dialog.</string>
<string id="409">That's it!{0}Ember Media Manager is Ready!</string>
<string id="410">Path</string>
<string id="411">Recursive</string>
<string id="412">Use Folder Name</string>
<string id="413">Single Video</string>
<string id="414">First, let's tell Ember Media Manager where to locate all your movies. You can add as many sources as you wish.</string>
<string id="415">This is either your first time running Ember Media Manager or you have upgraded to a newer version. There are a few things Ember Media Manager needs to know to work properly. This wizard will walk you through configuring Ember Media Manager to work for your set up.{0}{0}Only a handful of settings will be covered in this wizard. You can change these or any other setting at any time by selecting "Settings..." from the "Edit" menu.</string>
<string id="416">Now that Ember Media Manager knows WHERE to look for the files, we need to tell it WHAT files to look for. Simply select any combination of files type you wish Ember Media Manager to load from and save to. You can select more than one from each section if you wish.</string>
<string id="417">Some options you may be interested in:{0}{0}Custom Filters - If your movie files have things like "DVDRip", "BluRay", "x264", etc in their folder or file name and you wish to filter the names when loading into the media list, you can utilize the Custom Filter option. The custom filter is RegEx compatible for maximum usability.{0}{0}Images - This section allows you to select which websites to "scrape" images from as well as select a preferred size for the images Ember Media Manager selects.{0}{0}Locks - This section allows you to "lock" certain information so it does not get updated even if you re-scrape the movie. This is useful if you manually edit the title, outline, or plot of a movie and wish to keep your changes.</string>
<string id="418">Are you sure you want to remove the selected sources? This will remove the movies from these sources from the Ember database.</string>
<string id="419">Meta Data is not available for this movie. Try rescanning.</string>
<string id="420">Settings</string>
<string id="421">Connection</string>
<string id="422"></string>
<string id="423"></string>
<string id="424"></string>
<string id="425">Username:</string>
<string id="426">Password:</string>
<string id="427"></string>
<string id="428"></string>
<string id="429">Miscellaneous</string>
<string id="430">Interface Language:</string>
<string id="431">Enable Panel Animation</string>
<string id="432">Check for Updates</string>
<string id="433">Overwrite Non-conforming nfos</string>
<string id="434">(If unchecked, non-conforming nfos will be renamed to &lt;filename&gt;.info)</string>
<string id="435">Log Errors to File</string>
<string id="436">Display Overlay if Video Contains an Audio Stream With the Following Language:</string>
<string id="437">Clean Files</string>
<string id="438">Standard</string>
<string id="439">Expert</string>
<string id="440">Whitelist Video Extensions</string>
<string id="441">Whitelisted Extensions:</string>
<string id="442">WARNING: Using the Expert Mode Cleaner could potentially delete wanted files. Take care when using this tool.</string>
<string id="443">Download Addons...</string>
<string id="444">File</string>
<string id="445"></string>
<string id="446"></string>
<string id="447">Downloading Files...</string>
<string id="448"></string>
<string id="449"></string>
<string id="450"></string>
<string id="451">Folder/File Name Filters</string>
<string id="452">Convert Names to Proper Case</string>
<string id="453">Always Display Genre Text</string>
<string id="454">Genre Language Filter</string>
<string id="455">Do Not Display Fanart</string>
<string id="456">Do Not Display Poster</string>
<string id="457">Display Image Dimensions</string>
<string id="458">Help</string>
<string id="459">Mark New Movies</string>
<string id="460">Media List Options</string>
<string id="461">Mismatch Tolerance:</string>
<string id="462">Check Title Match Confidence</string>
<string id="463">Sort Tokens to Ignore</string>
<string id="464">Display Year in List Title</string>
<string id="465">Hide Extrathumb Column</string>
<string id="466">Hide Sub Column</string>
<string id="467">Hide Trailer Column</string>
<string id="468">Hide Info Column</string>
<string id="469">Hide Fanart Column</string>
<string id="470">Hide Poster Column</string>
<string id="471">File Naming</string>
<string id="472">Use &lt;movie&gt; Only for Folders with Multiple Movies</string>
<string id="473">YAMJ Compatible VIDEO_TS File Placement/Naming</string>
<string id="474"></string>
<string id="475"></string>
<string id="476"></string>
<string id="477"></string>
<string id="478">Quality:</string>
<string id="479">Max Width:</string>
<string id="480">Max Height:</string>
<string id="481">Automatically Resize:</string>
<string id="482">Preferred Size:</string>
<string id="483">Overwrite Existing</string>
<string id="484">Loading Settings...</string>
<string id="485"></string>
<string id="486"></string>
<string id="487"></string>
<string id="488">Global Locks</string>
<string id="489">Lock Trailer</string>
<string id="490">Lock Genre</string>
<string id="491">Lock Studio</string>
<string id="492">Lock Rating</string>
<string id="493">Lock Tagline</string>
<string id="494">Lock Title</string>
<string id="495">Lock Outline</string>
<string id="496">Lock Plot</string>
<string id="497">Images</string>
<string id="498">Do Not Save URLs to Nfo</string>
<string id="499">Get on Single Scrape</string>
<string id="500"></string>
<string id="501"></string>
<string id="502"></string>
<string id="503">Use if no Fanart Found</string>
<string id="504">Meta Data is not available for this episode. Try rescanning.</string>
<string id="505">No Spoilers</string>
<string id="506">Number To Create:</string>
<string id="507">Extract During Scrapers</string>
<string id="508">Use Outline for Plot if Plot is Empty</string>
<string id="509"></string>
<string id="510">Scrape Only Actors With Images</string>
<string id="511">Use Certification for MPAA</string>
<string id="512">Scrape Full Cast</string>
<string id="513">Scrape Full Crew</string>
<string id="514">Use Certification Language:</string>
<string id="515">Duration Format</string>
<string id="516">Use Duration for Runtime</string>
<string id="517">Scan Meta Data</string>
<string id="518">Configure Ember's appearance and operation.</string>
<string id="519">Remove Selected</string>
<string id="520">Backdrops Folder</string>
<string id="521">Automatically Save Fanart To Backdrops Folder</string>
<string id="522">Delete All Existing</string>
<string id="523"></string>
<string id="524">Only Get URLs When Scraping</string>
<string id="525">Get During Single Scrape</string>
<string id="526"></string>
<string id="527">Get During Automated Scrapers</string>
<string id="528"></string>
<string id="529">Enable Trailer Support</string>
<string id="530">No Stack Extensions</string>
<string id="531"></string>
<string id="532"></string>
<string id="533"></string>
<string id="534">Valid Video Extensions</string>
<string id="535">Edit Source</string>
<string id="536">Miscellaneous Options</string>
<string id="537">Recognize VIDEO_TS Folders</string>
<string id="538">Skip Size Check of Stacked Files</string>
<string id="539">MB</string>
<string id="540">Skip files smaller than:</string>
<string id="541">Sizing (Extracted Frames)</string>
<string id="542">Padding</string>
<string id="543">Width:</string>
<string id="544">Height:</string>
<string id="545">Use Custom Size</string>
<string id="546">Use Native Resolution</string>
<string id="547">Caching</string>
<string id="548">Use During Automated Scrapers</string>
<string id="549">Mark New Shows</string>
<string id="550">Persistent Image Cache</string>
<string id="551">Use Image Cache</string>
<string id="552">Select the folder where you wish to store your backdrops.</string>
<string id="553">File System</string>
<string id="554"></string>
<string id="555">Files and Sources</string>
<string id="556">Scrapers - Data</string>
<string id="557">Scrapers - Images &amp; Trailers</string>
<string id="558">Wide</string>
<string id="559"></string>
<string id="560"></string>
<string id="561"></string>
<string id="562"></string>
<string id="563"></string>
<string id="564"></string>
<string id="565"></string>
<string id="566"></string>
<string id="567"></string>
<string id="568">Generating Actors Cache:</string>
<string id="569">All</string>
<string id="570">[none]</string>
<string id="571">[Disabled]</string>
<string id="572">Scraping Posters:</string>
<string id="573">Scraping Fanart:</string>
<string id="574">Scraping Trailers:</string>
<string id="575">Generating Extrathumbs:</string>
<string id="576">Verifying Movie Details:</string>
<string id="577">Scraper Fields - Global</string>
<string id="578">Limit:</string>
<string id="579">File Source:</string>
<string id="580">Display only movies from the selected file source.</string>
<string id="581">Missing Items Filter</string>
<string id="582">Check for Poster</string>
<string id="583">Check for Fanart</string>
<string id="584">Check for NFO</string>
<string id="585">Check for Trailer</string>
<string id="586">Check for Subs</string>
<string id="587">Check for Extrathumbs</string>
<string id="588"></string>
<string id="589"></string>
<string id="590"></string>
<string id="591">Top 250</string>
<string id="592"></string>
<string id="593"></string>
<string id="594">Metadata Editor</string>
<string id="595">Video Streams</string>
<string id="596">Audio Streams</string>
<string id="597">Subtitle Streams</string>
<string id="598">Stream Type</string>
<string id="599">Download All Fanart Images of the Following Size as Extrathumbs:</string>
<string id="600">Extra Sorting</string>
<string id="601">Date Added</string>
<string id="602">Sources</string>
<string id="603">Edit Meta Data</string>
<string id="604">Codec</string>
<string id="605">Scan Type</string>
<string id="606">Width</string>
<string id="607">Height</string>
<string id="608">Aspect</string>
<string id="609">Duration</string>
<string id="610">Language</string>
<string id="611">Channels</string>
<string id="612">Preferred</string>
<string id="613">Stream Editor</string>
<string id="614">Aspect Ratio</string>
<string id="615">Interlaced</string>
<string id="616">Progressive</string>
<string id="617">Video Stream</string>
<string id="618">Audio Stream</string>
<string id="619">Subtitle Stream</string>
<string id="620">Movie Theme</string>
<string id="621">Mark New Episodes</string>
<string id="622">Scraping Media (Current Filter - Ask):</string>
<string id="623">Scraping Media (Current Filter - Auto):</string>
<string id="624">Current Filter</string>
<string id="625">Defaults by File Type</string>
<string id="626">File Type</string>
<string id="627">Selected Items: {0}</string>
<string id="628">Enable IFO Parsing</string>
<string id="629">Themes</string>
<string id="630"></string>
<string id="631"></string>
<string id="632"></string>
<string id="633"></string>
<string id="634"></string>
<string id="635">You have selected {0} folders to open. Are you sure you want to do this?</string>
<string id="636"></string>
<string id="637"></string>
<string id="638"></string>
<string id="639"></string>
<string id="640"></string>
<string id="641"></string>
<string id="642">Sort Title</string>
<string id="643">YAMJ Compatible Sets Saving</string>
<string id="644">Cleaning Database...</string>
<string id="645">Premiered: {0}</string>
<string id="646">Remove From Database</string>
<string id="647">Aired: {0}</string>
<string id="648">Season: {0}, Episode: {1}</string>
<string id="649">Update All</string>
<string id="650">Season</string>
<string id="651">No Information is Available for This Show</string>
<string id="652">No Information is Available for This Episode</string>
<string id="653">TV Shows</string>
<string id="654">Season </string>
<string id="655">Season Specials</string>
<string id="656">Edit Episode</string>
<string id="657">Edit the details for the selected episode.</string>
<string id="658">Aired:</string>
<string id="659">Season:</string>
<string id="660">Episode:</string>
<string id="661">Load Episode</string>
<string id="662">Save as Poster</string>
<string id="663">Edit Show</string>
<string id="664">Edit the details for the selected show.</string>
<string id="665">Premiered:</string>
<string id="666">TV Show Theme</string>
<string id="667">Episode Theme</string>
<string id="668">Clean database after updating library</string>
<string id="669">Ignore last scan time when updating library</string>
<string id="670">Show Folder/File Name Filters</string>
<string id="671">Episode Folder/File Name Filters</string>
<string id="672">Proxy</string>
<string id="673">Enable Proxy</string>
<string id="674">Proxy URL:</string>
<string id="675">Proxy Port:</string>
<string id="676">Credentials</string>
<string id="677">Enable Credentials</string>
<string id="678">Domain:</string>
<string id="679">TV Rating Region</string>
<string id="680">Shows</string>
<string id="681">Seasons</string>
<string id="682">Episodes</string>
<string id="683">Show Posters</string>
<string id="684">Show Fanart</string>
<string id="685">Season Posters</string>
<string id="686">Season Fanart</string>
<string id="687">Episode Posters</string>
<string id="688">Episode Fanart</string>
<string id="689"> [MISSING]</string>
<string id="690">Edit Regex</string>
<string id="691">Show Match Regex</string>
<string id="692">Season Match Regex:</string>
<string id="693">Episode Match Regex:</string>
<string id="694">Apply To</string>
<string id="695">Edit Regex</string>
<string id="696">Show Regex</string>
<string id="697">Episode Regex</string>
<string id="698">TV Shows</string>
<string id="699">Regex</string>
<string id="700">TV Show</string>
<string id="701">TV Episode</string>
<string id="702"></string>
<string id="703"></string>
<string id="704"></string>
<string id="705">TV Source</string>
<string id="706">Select the parent folder for your TV Series folders/files.</string>
<string id="707"></string>
<string id="708">Donate</string>
<string id="709">Clean Database</string>
<string id="710">Force Title Language:</string>
<string id="711">Include Folder Name in Source Type Check</string>
<string id="712">Sort files into folders before each library update</string>
<string id="713">Local Trailer:</string>
<string id="714">Confirm Items To Be Deleted</string>
<string id="715">Toggle All Files</string>
<string id="716">Re-Scrape</string>
<string id="717">Preparing for upgrade ...</string>
<string id="718">We are now ready to upgrade. Ember will now close so the Upgrade can start.\n\nDo you want to continue?</string>
<string id="719">YES</string>
<string id="720">NO</string>
<string id="721">Upgrade</string>
<string id="722">Certification</string>
<string id="723">EpisodeGuideURL</string>
<string id="724">Premiered</string>
<string id="725">Actors</string>
<string id="726">Season {0}</string>
<string id="727">Episode</string>
<string id="728">Aired</string>
<string id="729">Credits</string>
<string id="730">Preferred Type:</string>
<string id="731">Refreshing Show:</string>
<string id="732">&lt;h&gt;=Hours &lt;m&gt;=Minutes &lt;s&gt;=Seconds</string>
<string id="733">Display Missing Episodes</string>
<string id="734">Build Episode Title Instead of Filtering</string>
<string id="735">All Season Posters</string>
<string id="736">Only Get Images for the Selected Language</string>
<string id="737">Also Get English Images</string>
<string id="738">API Key:</string>
<string id="739">Episode Ordering:</string>
<string id="740">Re-download Show Information Every:</string>
<string id="741">Preferred Language:</string>
<string id="742">Fetch Available Languages</string>
<string id="743">Show</string>
<string id="744">TV Season</string>
<string id="745">None</string>
<string id="746">Blank</string>
<string id="747">Graphical</string>
<string id="748">Text</string>
<string id="749">Week</string>
<string id="750">Bi-Weekly</string>
<string id="751">Month</string>
<string id="752">Never</string>
<string id="753">Always</string>
<string id="754">Module Settings</string>
<string id="755">Episode #</string>
<string id="756">Loading All Episodes:</string>
<string id="757">Saving All Images:</string>
<string id="758">Searching theTVDB:</string>
<string id="759">Select Images:</string>
<string id="760">Downloading Show Zip:</string>
<string id="761">Verifying TV Show:</string>
<string id="762">Verifying TV Episode:</string>
<string id="763">Are you sure you want to delete the selected TV Show(s) and all of the accompanying episodes?</string>
<string id="764">Are you sure you want to delete the selected Episode?</string>
<string id="765">Are you sure you want to delete the selected Season and all of its Episodes?</string>
<string id="766">(Re)Scrape Show</string>
<string id="767">Change Show</string>
<string id="768">Delete TV Show</string>
<string id="769">Edit Season</string>
<string id="770">Change Images</string>
<string id="771">Delete Season</string>
<string id="772">Change Episode</string>
<string id="773">Delete Episode</string>
<string id="774">Enabled</string>
<string id="775">Disabled</string>
<string id="776"></string>
<string id="777">Writer</string>
<string id="778"></string>
<string id="779"></string>
<string id="780"></string>
<string id="781"></string>
<string id="782"></string>
<string id="783">Plot Summary:</string>
<string id="784"></string>
<string id="785"></string>
<string id="786">All Seasons Poster</string>
<string id="787"></string>
<string id="788"></string>
<string id="789"></string>
<string id="790"></string>
<string id="791"></string>
<string id="792">Donate</string>
<string id="793">&amp;Versions...</string>
<string id="794">&amp;Module Settings...</string>
<string id="795">Interface</string>
<string id="796">Scan in order of last write time</string>
<string id="797">Default Episode Ordering:</string>
<string id="798"></string>
<string id="799">Scraper - Trailers</string>
<string id="800">Preferred Quality:</string>
<string id="801">TVDB Mirror</string>
<string id="802">Modules</string>
<string id="803">Next, let's tell Ember Media Manager where to locate all your TV Shows. You can add as many sources as you wish.</string>
<string id="804">And finally, let's tell Ember Media Manager what TV Show files to look for. Simply select any combination of files type you wish Ember Media Manager to load from and save to. You can select more than one from each section if you wish.</string>
<string id="805">Send to</string>
<string id="806">Copy to Clipboard</string>
<string id="807">An error occurred when attempting to send data to</string>
<string id="808">Error Log Viewer</string>
<string id="809">Before submitting bug reports, please verify that the bug has not already been reported. You can view a listing of all known bugs here:</string>
<string id="810"></string>
<string id="811">PasteBin URL:</string>
<string id="812">Old Title: {0} | New Title: {1}</string>
<string id="813">Movie Scraped</string>
<string id="814">Added Episode: </string>
<string id="815">Added Movie: </string>
<string id="816">An Error Has Occurred</string>
<string id="817">New Movie Added</string>
<string id="818">New Episode Added</string>
<string id="819">TV RegEx Profiles</string>
<string id="820">RegEx Profile</string>
<string id="821">Description</string>
<string id="822">Miscellaneous</string>
<string id="823">Audio &amp; Video Codec Mapping</string>
<string id="824">Video Source:</string>
<string id="825">Downloads:</string>
<string id="826"></string>
<string id="827"></string>
<string id="828">Enable Actors Cache</string>
<string id="829">Watch for ""Dump"" Folder</string>
<string id="830">Edit the details for the selected season.</string>
<string id="831"></string>
<string id="832">Display All Season Poster</string>
<string id="833">These are Scraper specific settings and act as a filter.\nYou should also check Ember Global Settings.</string>
<string id="834">* Inside Season Folder</string>
<string id="835">Only Save the Value to NFO</string>
<string id="836"></string>
<string id="837">Scrapers - Images</string>
<string id="838">Banner</string>
<string id="839">Absolute</string>
<string id="840">Are you sure you want to reset to the default list of show filters?</string>
<string id="841">Are you sure you want to reset to the default list of episode filters?</string>
<string id="842">Are you sure you want to reset to the default list of movie filters?</string>
<string id="843">Are you sure you want to reset to the default list of valid video extensions?</string>
<string id="844">Are you sure you want to reset to the default list of show regex?</string>
<string id="845">&gt;&gt; No Item Selected &lt;&lt;</string>
<string id="846"></string>
<string id="847"></string>
<string id="848"></string>
<string id="849">Enable Click Scrape</string>
<string id="850">&amp;Check For Updates...</string>
<string id="851">No Updates at this time</string>
<string id="852">Ask On Click Scrape</string>
<string id="853">Scraping Media (All Movies - Skip):</string>
<string id="854">Basic setup</string>
<string id="855">Creating default options...</string>
<string id="856">Loading modules...</string>
<string id="857">Creating GUI...</string>
<string id="858">Loading database...</string>
<string id="859">Running Module...</string>
<string id="860">Loading Media...</string>
<string id="861">Command Line Scraping...</string>
<string id="862">Loading translations...</string>
<string id="863">Positioning controls...</string>
<string id="864">Setting menus...</string>
<string id="865">Version {0}.{1}.{2}.{3}</string>
<string id="866">Metadata</string>
<string id="867">XBMC Frodo</string>
<string id="868">Top 250</string>
<string id="869"> &amp;Wiki...</string>