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Deployment shortcuts

  • Compile and run locally:
source .env3/bin/activate
cd django
python collectstatic
python runserver
  • Deploy to AWS Lambda:
source .env3/bin/activate
cd django
zappa update dev
  • Sync static assets to AWS S3:
aws s3 sync static/ s3://

Environment and Infrastructure Setup

Django Build

pip install awscli
source .env3/bin/activate
django-admin startproject app   # create a new project named app
cd app
python runserver  # to verify that django installed and initialized correctly
python startapp bmi   # create the BMI web app
pip install -r requirements.txt
python bower install

Zappa AWS deployment manager setup

  • Note that Zappa relies an IAM user which is specified in django.zappa_settings.json. I placed a copy of the IAM policy in json format in aws-iam-policy.json.
  • When I had to manually add the VPC settings to zappa_settings.json. I never figured out the individual policy permissions for this and so ended up temporarily adding admin rights to the project's IAM user.
  • Ensure that the RDS MySQL database uses IAM access rather than traditional username / pwd.
  • Manual deployment steps
    • Enable CORS in AWS API Gateway. this is necessary for Fontawesome files.
    • add VPC settings to zappa_settings.json
zappa init         # see notes below on installation details
zappa deploy dev   # Deploy app to AWS
zappa undeploy dev # Delete from AWS
zappa update dev   # update existing app to AWS
zappa manage dev "collectstatic --noinput"    # collect static assets
zappa tail         # view Lambda execution log
zappa -h

Stack References

  • DATABASES: changed settings to AWS RDS MySQL. config settings are stored locally in mysite/.env
  • ALLOWED_HOSTS: added FQDN's for and per suggestions in the Django - Zappa Guide
  • SECRET_KEY: moved to locally-stored .env file
  • DEBUG: moved to locally-stored .env file