An image processing library fully written in Clojure
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This is a library for raw image processing in Clojure.

Some features

  • Loads images using the ImageIO Java library.
  • Image visualization.
  • Basic transformations:
  • change color space
  • erode
  • binarization

Some implementation details

The basic data structure used in this library is defined as record called Image, whose fields are :mat and :type. The value of :mat is always assumed to be a vector of vectors, like a matrix, that represents each pixel of an image. If an Image object has :type value equals to :rgb (the default color space), each pixel is represented by vector [r g b]. If :type is :gray (grayscale), each pixel is represented just by a number, the intensity of the pixel (usually in the interval [0, 255]).

Basic usage

(ns image-processing.test.processing 
    [image-processing.core-new :as ipc]
    [image-processing.processing :as pr]
    [image-processing.helpers :as ih]))

(let [img (ih/load-file-image "test/test.jpg"),
        gray (pr/rgb-to-gray img),
        bw (pr/binarize gray 100),
        er (pr/erode bw)]
    (ih/view img gray bw er))


Add to the dependencies of a leiningen project:

[org.clojars.boechat107/image-processing "2.0.0-SNAPSHOT"]