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Chair of Bioinformatics Jena

Official github of the Chair of Bioinformatics at FSU Jena (Sebastian Böcker)

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  1. sirius Public

    SIRIUS is a software for discovering a landscape of de-novo identification of metabolites using tandem mass spectrometry. This repository contains the code of the SIRIUS Software (GUI and CLI)

    Java 58 15

  2. sirius-libs - Metabolomics mass spectrometry framework for molecular formula identification of small molecules written in Java

    Java 44 25

  3. source code of passatuto by Kerstin Scheubert

    Java 9 2

  4. openAPI (swagger-condegen) based libraries for different programming languages like R, Python and Ruby

    Java 4 1

  5. Rsirius Public


    R 3


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