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  1. h54s Public

    Boemska HTML5 Data Adapter for SAS

    JavaScript 48 21

  2. Set up a modern SAS backed web app by running just a couple of commands.

    JavaScript 67 18

  3. worktop Public

    UNIX top-like script for monitoring SASWORK and SASUTIL directories. If you find this useful then check out ESM for SAS® -

    Shell 16 7

  4. Table editor for SAS using handsontable.js and h54s.js

    JavaScript 9 4

  5. metanav Public

    Metadata Navigator for SAS®

    HTML 8 2

  6. SASPing Public

    SASPing is a set of python scripts that emulate user behaviour in order to measure the responsiveness of an environment

    Python 7 1



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