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  • Apart from the target and duration, the plugin can receive a hash of settings. Documentation and examples are included in the source file.

  • If you are interested in animated "same-page-scrolling" using anchors(href="#some_id"), check

  • For a slideshow-like behavior using scrolling, check

  • The target can be specified as:

    • A Number/String specifying a position using px or just the number.
    • A string selector that will be relative, to the element that is going to be scrolled, and must match at least one child.
    • A DOM element, logically child of the element to scroll.
    • A hash { top:x, left:y }, x and y can be any kind of number/string like described above.
  • The plugin supports relative animations

  • 'em' and '%' are not supported as part of the target, because they won't work with jQuery.fn.animate.

  • The plugin might fail to scroll an element, to an inner node that is nested in more scrollable elements. This seems like an odd situation anyway.

  • Both axes ( x, y -> left, top ) can be scrolled, you can send 'x', 'y', 'xy' or 'yx' as 'axis' inside the settings.

  • If 2 axis are scrolled, there's an option to queue the animations, so that the second will start once the first ended ('xy' and 'yx' will have different effects)

  • The option 'margin' can be setted to true, then the margin of the target element, will be taken into account and will be deducted.

  • 'margin' will only be valid, if the target is a selector, a DOM element, or a jQuery Object.

  • The option 'offset' allows to scroll less or more than the actual target by a defined amount of pixels. Can be a number(both axes) or { top:x, left:y }.

  • The option 'over' lets you add or deduct a fraction of the element's height and width from the final position. so over:0.5 will scroll to the middle of the object. can be specified with {top:x, left:y}

  • Don't forget the callback event is now called 'onAfter', and if queuing is activated, then 'onAfterFirst' can be used.

  • If the first axis to be scrolled, is already positioned, that animation will be skipped, to avoid a delay in the animation.

  • The call to the plugin can be made in 2 different ways: $().scrollTo( target, duration, settings ) or $().scrollTo( target, settings ). Where one of the settings is 'duration'.

  • If you find any bug, or you have any advice, don't hesitate to open an issue.