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Resolving the measurement uncertainty paradox in ecological management

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  • 📁 Manuscript: R Markdown source document for manuscript. Includes code to reproduce for figures from tables generated by the analysis.
  • 📁 Appendix: R Markdown source documents for both appendices, containing all necessary R code to generate all results presented in both the manuscript and appendices.
  • 📁 data: Data generated in the analysis. Includes .csv tables shown in the figures, and the .policyx XML files generated by running the SARSOP algorithm.
  • 📁 reviews: Encrypted reviews (copywrite of the reviewers)


This repository is organized as a reproducible research compendium. Click the Binder button above to explore in an interactive RStudio session. Binder uses Docker images to ensure a consistent and reproducible computational environment. These Docker images can also be used locally with the following commands.

docker build --tag pompd .
docker run -it -p 8888:8888 pompd

Then click on the link in the terminal, which will open a Jupyter start page. Start RStudio in the menu on the top right with "New > RStudio".

To explore the code locally, clone or download this repository into RStudio or your perferred environment and install the compendium by running devtools::install(). To install additional dependencies used only in formatting the figures, use devtools::install(dep=TRUE).

This compendium is checked by Travis-CI continuous integration. Click the Build Status button above for details.