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my own hugo theme
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hugo-myroad - my own hugo theme

This is a work in progress. I'm getting started using hugo for some personal blog usage, and as it is with us programmers, there's always stuff to fiddle with and change which upstreams probably won't want, things to incorporate from different sources, yadda yadda. So, that's why.

If I ever get around to feeling somewhat "finished" with this theme, I'll take some time to extract or write anew some documentation, too. For now, see "Attribution" below with links to the places I shamelessly stole from, and read their documentation.

config.toml Settings

Setting Default Usage
authorbox false globally enable authorbox for single pages

Frontmatter Settings

In addition to the usual frontmatter stuff, this theme gives you several additional degrees of freedom to influence what is or is not shown on certain single and/or list pages.

Setting Default Pagetype Usage
authorbox false single enable authorbox, if globally disabled
no_authorbox false single disable authorbox, if globally enabled
no_header false single suppress title-and-date header


The theme is based on vimux/Mainroad. Right now pretty much all html, js, css is from there. I've been reworking the template structure a bit, trying to make sense of baseof/block/define...

The gallery / figure shortcodes are integrated from hugo-easy-gallery

Regarding license, I'm putting this work under GPLv2, as that is what vimux uses for his Mainroad theme.

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