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Plugin for vim to enable opening a file in a given line

When you open a file:line, for instance when coping and pasting from an error from your compiler vim tries to open a file with a colon in its name.


vim index.html:20
vim app/models/user.rb:1337

With this little script in your plugins folder if the stuff after the colon is a number and a file exists with the name especified before the colon vim will open this file and take you to the line you wished in the first place.

This script is licensed with GPLv3 and you can contribute to it on github at

Install details

If you use Bundle, add this line to your .vimrc:

Bundle 'bogado/file-line'

And launch :BundleInstall in vim.

Or just copy the file into your plugins path ($HOME/.vim/plugin under unixes).