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layout: default
title: Not Found
-var path = window.location.pathname;
-if (path.substr(0, 3) == "/x/") {
- var short_code = path.substr(3, path.length-1)
- if (short_code == "statused-worker")
- window.location = ""
<div class="not-found">
<h2>Not Found</h2>
27 _posts/2013-04-30-rails-ajax-validation-form-submit-javascript.markdown
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+layout: post
+title: Support validation through ajax in Rails 4.x
+published: false
+- rails
+- contribution
+- javascript
+- ajax
+- validation
+I have a constant feeling that in a modern web every web form should be submitted with AJAX not the old retro way with POST request. This is better for numerous reasons.
+At first, AJAX is faster than regular request.
+At second, it doesn't require a work to redraw the page with it's previous state if validation fails.
+At the end, it gives better user experience
+Currently I am trying to make rails app support this out of the box.
+And here is first small step to this goal:
+[This patch]( allows a complete validation though ajax using active model validators.
+This is a [live demo]( of that it allows to do.
+If you feel especially interested in this feature, say your +1 here or on github.

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