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threefish_512 v0.2

  • changed cipher name to threefish (only 512 keysize implemented still)

  • fixed a possible big-endian bug. I don't have a BE system to test

  • Added tweak operating mode. THIS IS EXPERIMENTAL, my code is based on kernel-hacking guesswork. Seems to be working though :)

tweak mode example: cryptsetup luksFormat test -c threefish-tweak-plain64 -s 512

It's about 7% faster than ctr mode and same speed as ecb, but more secure. threefish doesn't need xts or ctr, as it has built in tweak.

I only use the first 64 bits of the tweak. I don't think cryptsetup provides 128 tweak. But can be easily changed to support it, if there's anything that can use it.

threefish_512 v0.1 features

build it: make

load the module: insmod threefish512.ko

then create a LUKS container with cryptsetup in ECB, CBC and CTR modes
cryptsetup luksFormat test -c threefish-ctr-plain64 -s 512

key size must be 512! I only implemented threefish512 since this seems to be the fastest on x86_64 It's 37% faster than serpent on my core2duo E8400

threefish256 might be faster on 32 bit cpus, but on such system you would probably get more speed out of serpent sse2 implementation


Threefish512 block cipher implementation






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