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Privacy focused website analytics.
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Take control of your website analytics!



See the example directory for an example of how you might run nemea using docker and docker-compose.



nemea is a Racket application so you'll need to install that and you'll need Node.js version 10.6.0 to build the static assets.

You'll also need a running PostgreSQL instance.

First-time setup

Install all the prerequisites:

$ raco pkg install nemea/
$ npm install
$ cp .env.default .env

Set up the databases:

$ psql <<-SQL
create user nemea with password 'nemea' login;
create database nemea;
grant all privileges on database nemea to nemea;
create database nemea_tests;
grant all privileges on database nemea_tests to nemea;
$ echo "create extension if not exists hll;" | psql -Unemea -dnemea
$ echo "create extension if not exists hll;" | psql -Unemea -dnemea_tests

Download Maxmind's geolocation database:

$ curl -ls | tar -xz '*.mmdb' \
    && mv GeoLite2-Country_*/GeoLite2-Country.mmdb assets/data/GeoLite2-Country.mmdb \
    && rm -r GeoLite2-Country_*

Running the development server

$ raco chief start

Running the tests

$ raco test nemea/


nemea is licensed under the GPL. Please see COPYING for details.
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