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Stash distractions away for later.
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Remember is a tool for stashing distractions away for later. You bind it to a hotkey (⌥⎵ by default) and whenever something unexpected pops up -- say you suddenly realize you need to stock up on milk -- you hit the hotkey, then type in buy milk +1h and hit return. An hour later, you'll get reminded that you need to go out and buy some milk.


If you find Remember useful, please consider buying a copy.

This application is not Open Source. I'm providing the source code here because I want users to be able to see the code they're running and even change and build it for themselves if they want to. In that vein, you're free to read, build and run the application yourself, on your own devices, but please don't share any built artifacts with others.



First-time Setup

$ raco pkg install --name remember core/
$ $(cd cocoa/remember && carthage update)


$ make
$ $(cd cocoa/remember && xcodebuild)


Copyright 2019 CLEARTYPE SRL.  All rights reserved.
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