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An Objective-C framework for Asana.
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While Asana is a great web app, its mobile application is far from awesome. Hoping to create some grassroots movement for a great Asana client, I present you Ardha. Ardha is a highly asynchronous, block-based iOS framework for accessing the Asana API.

This is still a very primitive framework. The goal for this first release is to be able to create a simple to-do app on Asana infrastructure. Chakrasana is an example of such a project using Ardha, listing out all your projects and tasks to do.


To use Ardha in your project, drag and drop the Ardha.xcodeproj file in your project's Frameworks group and link the libArdha.a library to your project. Set up the User Header Search Path to recursively search the folder in which Ardha is placed. The model header files should then become available in your project. Import Ardha.h whenever you connect to Asana. Finally, create an Ardha.plist file, with an entry AsanaAPIKey containing the API key obtained from Asana and initialize the singleton by adding it to your app's delegate:

 [Ardha sharedArdha];

Asana's documentation provides more detail about their API and the API keys. It may clarify some design decisions on my part.

In works

Currently the following features are being developed:

  • Complete Asana API implementation - current implementation is a scaffolding for further work and implements only the most basic methods,
  • Core Data support - to minimize the amount of developer-side logic that needs to be implemented to keep a coherent data set,
  • KVO-based updates - to minimize the effort necessary to maintain a synchronized database between the app and the service,
  • Documentation - to make the usage of specific methods and models clearer.


Ardha is by Bogo Giertler. Ardha is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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