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start fleshing out setup for java wrapper

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This will install the SimpleElastix which we can then import into our own scripts. If we want to install SimpleElastix into a virtual environment, activate the virtual environment on beforehand and omit :code:`sudo`. If you don't know what a virtual environment is, don't worry about it, it is entirely optional.

# Java
TODO: Pull request welcome.

First, ensure the following directory exists after compilation:



If such a directory does not exist, check the Troubleshooting section below.

The `visual guide to SimpleITK in Java <>`_ shows you how to create a java project in eclipse. The main steps are:

1. Add the simpleitk jar to classpath (simpleitk-<version>.jar)

2. Set the path to the Native Library
In this case `${BUILD_DIRECTORY}/SimpleITK-build/Wrapping/Java/lib`

After a project is set up, the
`Java elastix example <>`_
and the `Java transformix example <>`_
show how to use the interface.

# R
TODO: Pull request welcome.

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