Laravel 5.4 + some Javascript/jQuery e-commerce website.
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Laravel 5.4 + some Javascript/jQuery e-commerce website.

1. Features

  • CRUD for pages, blog posts, products, categories with subcategories, shipping methods
  • App can be easily translated to desired language using translation strings. Just rename resources/lang/pl.json according to your language and translate it. If you need English language only - just delete this file.
  • Shopping cart
  • Search system (products, pages, blog posts)
  • Send Markdown e-mails (order status change, order confirmation, contact form)
  • Send SMS (order shipped) using NEXMO
  • Create PDF (invoices)
  • Check if products are still available before order
  • Online payments with
  • Buy without login or login with standard Laravel auth
  • Login with Google/Facebook/Twitter using Laravel Socialite
  • User: update profile, and view order history
  • Image dropzone
  • Image is automatically resized and thumbnail is created after upload
  • WYSIWYG (CKEditor) including file manager with image upload
  • Responsivity
  • Additional frontend validation including regular expressions (HTML5 + Javascript)
  • Soft delete for products and categories with ability to restore
  • Database structure allows to change products and shipping methods without messing order history
  • Send e-mail to dev when queue failed, or exception occured

2. Structure

  • Database seeders

    • DatabaseSeeder: run model factories and other two seeders mentioned below
    • DesiredValueSeeder: seed custom values to DB
    • PivotTableSeeder: seed pivot tables, I've done it this way to avoid creating models just for seeding purposes
  • View composers

    • CategoryComposer: get all categories for navigation
    • CartItemsComposer: get cart items for navigation
    • LatestProductComposer: get 6 latest products for "Latest products" section
  • Traits

    • CartItemsTrait: get cart items, quantities for every item, total price, and check if any item was bought in the meantime
    • digitsToWordsTrait: translate cost in digits to written words (for invoices)
  • Artisan Commands

    • php artisan image:clear

      delete "orphaned" images. As dropzone works asynchronously there might be situations where admin adds images without saving rest of the content. This command handles it.

  • Schedule

    • clean "orphaned" images as described above (daily)
    • run queue (every minute)
  • Listeners

    • CreateInvoice: as PDF, save it and attach to e-mail with order details
    • SendOrderDetails: e-mail to user and BCC to owner
  • Events

    • OrderCreated: for above listeners
  • Notifications

    • OrderShipped: send SMS to user via NEXMO
    • OrderStatusChanged: send Markdown e-mail to user
    • ResetPasswordNotification: same as above, comes with Laravel auth
  • Mail

    • ContactForm: send info to owner
    • OrderCreated: send order details to user and BCC to owner
  • App service provider

    • set morph map for polymorphic relation
    • automatically create slug before add and update page, product, category and blog post
    • automatically insert uuid when creating new order
    • e-mail dev when queue failed
  • Middleware

    • IsAdmin: check if current user is administrator
  • Requests

    • validation rules for BlogPost, Category, Email, Order, Page, Product, ShippingMethod, User (cleaner controllers)
  • Blade components

    • cartItems: shows items in shopping cart
    • postGrid: shows blog posts as a grid
    • productGrid: shows products as a grid
  • Laravel Mix (webpack.mix.js in root directory)

    • optimize all image assets (webpack plugin) and copy them to public/images
    • translate ES6, join and minify Javascript files (output: app.js and admin.js)
    • compile SASS to CSS, join and minify CSS files (output: app.css and admin.css)
    • add random value to asset names in production to prevent browser caching

3. Todo

  • This app assumes that product total available quantity = 1 (client requirement). I will make modified version without this constraint soon.
  • Make unthemed version
  • More browser/unit tests
  • Code refactoring
  • Extend dropzone with drag and drop
  • Navigation CRUD with drag and drop
  • AJAX check duplicate when title field was focused out
  • More complex auth with user roles
  • Product wishlist
  • Product attributes (size etc.)
  • Create backend API with Laravel/Lumen using JWT or Laravel Passport and frontend client with Vue.js

4. Tests

I've written a couple of browser tests using Laravel Dusk. To run them type:
php artisan dusk

To run single test you need to provide it's full path:
php artisan dusk tests\browser\OrderTest.php

I'm planning to add more tests soon, using pure PHPUnit as well (Dusk is pretty slow ATM).

5. Dependencies

5.1. Composer

  • barryvdh/laravel-debugbar: debug bar useful for development, it appears at the bottom of page
  • barryvdh/laravel-dompdf: create PDF for invoices
  • initbizlab/laravel-przelewy24: online payments
  • laravel/dusk: create browser tests
  • laravel/socialite: login via Google/Facebook/Twitter
  • nexmo/laravel: send SMS when order is shipped
  • unisharp/laravel-filemanager: filemanager added to WYSIWYG
  • uxweb/sweet-alert: nice looking messages
  • webpatser/laravel-uuid: create unique ID's for orders

5.2. Node.js

  • baguettebox.js: image gallery
  • ckeditor: WYSIWYG
  • additional table features (search, sort, paginate etc.)
  • dropzone: drag and drop image container
  • font-awesome: icons
  • imagemin-webpack-plugin: webpack plugin for image optimization
  • jquery-match-height: set same height for product grid instance
  • jquery.easing: advanced easing options
  • select2: advanced select/multiselect tool
  • smartmenus: multi level dropdown menu

6. Installation

Install Composer and Node.js if you don't have it. You will also need HTTP and MySQL server (I recommend Laravel Homestead, or XAMPP). This app uses some PHP7 syntax so PHP7 is required as well.

  • Clone repository:
    git clone

  • Go into created directory:
    cd cudomisie

  • Rename .env.example to .env and insert your data

  • Generate app key:
    php artisan key:generate

  • Install Composer dependencies:
    composer install

  • Install Node.js dependencies:
    npm install

  • Run your virtual machine, or HTTP/MySQL server:
    vagrant up or start XAMPP and copy cudomisie directory into XAMPP's htdocs, or start XAMPP's MySQL server and start PHP's default server php artisan serve

  • If you chose XAMPP or other tool create new database and update your .env file

  • Run DB migrations:
    php artisan migrate

  • If you want to fill DB with example values run seeders:
    php artisan db:seed

  • Compile, join and minify SASS and Javascript assets:
    npm run dev

  • Run queue via schedule (or change QUEUE_DRIVER=database to QUEUE_DRIVER=sync in your .env file):
    php artisan schedule:run

  • Run tests:
    php artisan dusk

7. License

Both personal and commercial use allowed without any restrictions.

Feel free to ask me any questions.

Code reviews are always much appreciated :)