Repository of TeX handouts, usually for presenting papers.
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Balogh, Morris, Samotij - Independent Sets in Hypergraphs.tex
Bansal, Dadush, Garg.tex
Barak, Raghavendra, Steurer - Rounding Semidefinite Programming Hierarchies via Global Correlation.tex
Cygan - Improved Approximation for 3-Dimensional Matching via Bounded Pathwidth Local Search.tex
Goemans, Rothvoss - Polynomiality for Bin Packing with a Constant Number of Item Types.tex
Khot, Moshkovitz - NP-hardness of Approximately Solving Linaer Equations over Reals.tex
Lee, Raghavendra, Steurer - Lower Bounds on the Size of the SDP Relaxations.tex
Levey, Rothvoss - A Lasserre-based 1+eps-approximation for Pm,prec,p_j=1,Cmax.tex
Matoušek, Nikolov, Talwar - Factorization Norms and Hereditary Discrepancy.tex
Polacek, Svensson - Quasi-Polynomial Local Search for Restricted Max-Min Fair Allocation.tex
Rothvoss - Constructive discrepancy minimization for convex sets.tex
Spring School - PCP Theorem And Its Applications.tex


collection of math and computer science handouts, lecture notes, paper readings, and more

This is a collection of TeX-based handouts and compact lecture notes from papers that I have read and presented. The collection is closely related to my cheat sheet collection; however, the usefulness of the handouts may be limited to those who attended the same lecture or wish to study a specific paper.

The handouts were created during my student life at the Charles University in Prague, where I am currently enrolled as a PhD student in Computer Science, specializing on approximation and online algorithms. If you have any handouts of yours that you would like to include in this collection, I would be happy to incorporate them.

All handouts are written in English. The PDF files are hosted at my university page, and will be linked below.


Advanced Combinatorial Seminar, MFF UK

Approximation and Online Algorithms Seminar, MFF UK

Spring School of Combinatorics